I'm Christine, founder of HEXOTICA, an alternative lifestyle education company on a mission to transform creative and unconventional women & gender-diverse people struggling with ‘ugly duckling’ impostor syndrome systemic patriarchal power inequality into badass, high-earning online entrepreneurs and world-traveling digital nomads with my S.W.A.N. Transformation Marketing Strategy. 🪄🦢


HEXOTICA was founded to help creative and unconventional women and gender-diverse people learn how to CREATE their place in this world, instead of wasting their time or creative energy trying to FIND it. 🪄🦢

It's about CREATING:

TIME freedom🪄⏰

LOCATION freedom 🪄✈️

and most importantly

FINANCIAL freedom 🪄💸

It's where sub-cultural weirdness and neurodivergence can become a superpowered foundation for lucrative side hustles and self-employment.💪

Where feelings of never fitting in and impostor syndrome are called out for what they really are: pressures to conform to neurotic, never-ending capitalistic, unsustainable material pursuits and patriarchal conformity to normative values. 💥

A place for status quo rebels. 🤘

And unapologetically selfish AF world-traveling digital nomads. ✈️

Where a MAN is not a financial plan and CHILDREN are not a retirement plan. 🙄

HEXOTICA is about helping you learn how to create the most SELF-RELIANT AF life for yourself!

A life where YOU are the founder, owner, creator, driver, visionary, and leader of YOUR own life - and BEING THAT to inspire others just like you. 🤘

NOTHING can hold you back from realizing just how much of a BADA$$ you can become in the narrative of your own life story when you know how to strip away the baggage society offloads on you from birth.

Capitalism, patriarchy, religion, childhood trauma or insecure attachment, eco-anxiety...

You can learn how to bypass the pain and struggles of all of it when you learn how to tap into your innate inner wisdom and combine it with a killer life strategy. 🪄☠️

🤘You do NOT need to ask anyone's permission.

❌You do NOT have to ''earn'' it, either.

By just BEING BORN, you're 100% worthy of doing exactly whatever TF you want to do with YOUR life...

So why not learn to make the most out of it?

Why not unapologetically pursue and intentionally manifest your wildest, most delusional level dreams?

HEXOTICA is your touchstone for helping you believe EVERYTHING you want in your life IS possible...

To be a reminder that YOU are WORTH every dream that you have,

Because inspiration is divine guidance so whatever lights your fire...

Whatever in your life makes your heart skip a beat...

Don't you DARE ignore that!

THAT is your life's calling!

THAT is your life's mission.

And you CAN figure out how to make that work for you: how to monetize it, how to make a living from it, how to spread it, how to make an impact with it.

And HEXOTICA is here to help you do just THAT. 🪄🦢

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