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How to Conquer the World With a Digital Nomad Business by Hexotica

If you're stuck in a job you hate, longing to be FREE and roam the world, starting a digital nomad business is what you need - and it's not as hard as you think!

Are you getting smashed every Friday after work and sleeping in half the next day?

Then are you dragging yourself out of bed every morning before work?

And trying to squeeze in some creative time over the weekend between family, friends, and laundry?

Then on Sundays do you drink again to forget that you have to go back to work the next day?? 😭

Though you may have heard about the growing number of location-independent workers out there, maybe you don't have a clue WTF type of digital nomad business you could start...

Or if you even CAN!

If this sounds like you, I'm here to cheer you up with some good news:

If you're unfit for the 9 to 5, but you're creative, you are the PERFECT type of person for starting a digital nomad business!

MOST creative and unconventional people do not thrive in 9 to 5 jobs unless they have aligned their creativity with a professional creative career path...

For others, the hours and energy required by a 9 to 5 job leave them too physically and mentally exhausted to develop their artistic skills beyond an occasional hobby.

I know, because I tried!

Every time I got a full-time job, I was happy to take the paycheck and set my handmade jewelry business aside.

Usually, it followed an overseas trip or visit home to the U.S. to see my family.

I would embrace new work skills and try to create a meaningful connection between the job and my life goals.

Yet, no matter how much I loved the job, after nine months it start to feel like a grind. 

I would start longing to be free and to get back to making money from my creative pursuits.

The problem was, that making jewelry, like many creative pursuits, keeps you chained to your craft desk.

Taking holidays for more than a few days is impossible unless you hire a virtual assistant.

For me, an American living in Australia, my handmade e-commerce dream conflicted entirely with my travel dreams.

I needed to use my creativity not only to earn a living, but to be FREE to visit my family WITHOUT without losing business.

And I needed to be able to stay for as long as I like - and not return broke or in debt!

So I brainstormed how to make it all work and finally hit upon the answer...

I needed to get into a digital nomad business! πŸͺ„βœˆοΈ

Making money from your creativity is a giant hurdle in itself, so how can you also make money from it while being free to travel the world?

As I wrote in my post,  'Stop Wasting Your Creativity and Learn Digital Marketing Already', the answer for all creatives, I believe, is digital marketing.

The majority of digital nomads are--surprise surprise!-- digital marketers.

And if they are not in digital marketing of some kind, they often promote their services with digital marketing.

So, if you can master marketing, you can not only build whatever digital nomad business you desire, but you can bootstrap it as you build by offering digital marketing services. 

How to Conquer the World With a Digital Nomad Business by Hexotica

Providing digital services will help you build a THRIVING digital nomad business.πŸͺ„πŸ’Έ

You can spend years building a creative business on the side of a completely unrelated, full or part-time job.

Or, you can rapidly develop the skills that will launch your creative digital nomad business by offering them as services as you learn and practice them, one at a time, one client or contract at a time.

The demand for services for all skill levels is vast, while the demand for your creative thing will be minuscule until you grow an audience that is aware of what you do.

Start your creative business now and begin to learn digital marketing skills.

The first digital skill that you enjoy and that you are good at can become what you offer as a service!

There are thousands of online courses you can take to learn every skill you will ever need to work online.

Udemy and LinkedIn are great places to look for affordable, short courses.

Here are the top location independent digital nomad business types according to a 2014 survey on Upwork. Upwork is one of the largest sites for connecting service providers to businesses:

  • Social media manager
  • Drop ship e-commerce store owner
  • Translator
  • Photographer
  • IT – software engineer
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Writers and editors
  • Accountants and bookkeepers
  • SEM specialists
  • Virtual assistants
  • Email marketers

For most non-tech-savvy people, social media management is an easy and in-demand entry point to digital marketing, as it was for me.

Social media management is a perfect beginner digital nomad business because you can schedule all your posts days, even weeks ahead!

It also requires a lot of creativity, from graphic design, copywriting, editorial calendars, and content creation.

I took an online training course on how to become a social media manager and became self-employed within four months!

Now, I no longer have to work from home or anywhere else in particular.

I could continue to run my handmade accessories business alongside my service business...

But I was too excited about making a decade-old dream come true by becoming a pet-sitting digital nomad and living rent-free.

House sitting is a great way to practice being a nomad locally if you're not quite ready to go global.

Read about my very first pet-sitting test run here. 

Learn how I became a social media manager and digital nomad here πŸ‘‡

'How to Become a Social Media Manager and Digital Nomad'!

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