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Friday Diary: My New Life as a Digital Nomad

I’m jobless and homeless, and I’ve never been happier!

Over a year ago, I finally realized a long-held dream of becoming ‘jobless’ (a.k.a. self-employed). This year, I finally realized my dream of becoming ‘homeless’ (a.k.a. a digital nomad)!

In February, I sold off all my white goods and my big fancy bed, packed up everything else, and put it all into a storage unit outside of Melbourne. Got rid of everything that is easily replaceable. Kept vintage furniture and the things I had to hunt to find.

I now have with me:

  • One large suitcase of clothes and toiletries
  • One carry-one suitcase with laptop and work notebooks
  • One large desktop monitor
  • One ergonomic work chair on wheels
  • A purple yoga mat
  • A tripod
  • My bike, Tilda

It’s as much as I can fit into a car to get from one house  to the next.

Not quite the flight-tripping kind of digital nomad–yet–but nomadic, all the same.

The first place I’m still currently staying at is a share house in Box Hill, a hilly area east of Melbourne. I couldn’t find a pet and house-sitting gig in time for the day I needed to move out, but it was perfect timing for an old acquaintance. The same day I needed to move out, he needed someone to take over his room while he went on a band tour for two months. I jumped at the chance to pay cheap rent and have the security of two more months to find pet-sitting stints.

My friend who has been pet-sitting for two years later told me that January and February are the quietest months for pet-sitting, as most people have just enjoyed a long holiday over Christmas and New Years.

But now, I have so many pet-sitting gigs lined up, I’m turning some away! I’m booked pretty much up to September, with just a few gaps to fill here and there. They came easily and quickly through friend referrals, Facebook group posts, and one paid pet-sitting site I found.

I’m looking forward to taking care of four cute little pooches in Mentone after I leave Box Hill. Here’s hoping we have a few more hot days so I can enjoy Mentone beach nearby!

I’ll miss the lovely Bushy Creek Trail I’ve been running along here in Box Hill. And I’ll definitely miss all the amazing Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Chinese cafes, restaurants, and shops at Box Hill Station!

It’s been a laksa heaven these last few weeks!

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