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How To Live An Unconventional Lifestyle And Not Go Broke by Hexotica

For years I've been talking about unconventional lifestyles and one of the strangest objections I've had people say to me is:

"But not EVERYBODY can just quit their jobs and go traveling around the world. We still need bankers, lawyers, janitors, etc! It's UNREALISTIC."

As if there are overlords from the Department of Realism standing around with clipboards checking off to make sure the conventional job quotas get filled before they send us a cue.

"Yolo, got enough bankers, lawyers, and janitors, here! Some of y'all can now go off and pursue that dream of running a bad-mannered cross-stitch biz on Etsy!" 🙄

The unrealistic assumption is that EVERYBODY would want to or could choose an unconventional lifestyle.

The reality is very few people who want to and have the option open ever do.

Far more effective dream-killers will tell you instead, that if you choose an unconventional lifestyle, you'll go broke.

And this is a legit possibility, but you know what's also a legit possibility?

That your first attempt to ride a penny-farthing is probably going to end in a crash!

But we all know that with practice, we both could learn how to ride a penny-farthing, right? With enough practice doing something new, anybody can become an expert.

And having restrictive situations like having a mortgage to pay or children to raise doesn't stop people from being able to practice a new skill.

Because supporting ourselves financially is just a life skill. If you learn what you need to learn, you can make the transition from where you're at now to where you want to be.

You just need to know what to learn, and the more you learn the more fear of going broke you'll leave behind!

So let's talk about what really is behind this fear of going broke as the reason you might be sitting on your dream of turning your back on working for The Man.

The Mental Game You Need To Live An Unconventional Lifestyle

Have you ever cried in the office toilet more than a few times and have reminded yourself like a mantra, "but the money is good!"?

Or talked yourself out of starting a business doing what you love with, "It's just a hobby. I could never make a living out of it!"?

When we're perpetually exhausted and feeling trapped in our lives we swallow fear-sedatives every day because the alternative is too overwhelming to imagine.

We don't allow ourselves to daydream about working from home for ourselves or becoming a digital nomad. Let alone look for ways it could be possible.

Yet the misconception that an unconventional lifestyle will make you go broke isn't about a lack of financial worth, it's about a lack of self-worth.

It's low self-worth that keeps people in jobs they hate.

It's low self-worth that keeps them denying their capabilities.

Or challenging their circumstances, no matter how restrictive or suffocating.

And it's low self-worth that stops them from leaving their comfort zone to learn something totally new and daunting.

You may lack faith in yourself or you may be surrounded by people who lack faith in themselves. They doubt that you could make an unconventional lifestyle work because they secretly doubt that they could. So they fill your ears with their fears and caution.

When you feel worthy of full faith in yourself to do something you want to do, you take a chance on yourself. You invest in yourself. You find the time. And find ways.

Ultimately, it's not our unconventional choices but our low self-worth that keeps us broke. 😭

I have learned this about my own personal journey as I had terribly low self-worth when I was younger.

A history of bad ex-boyfriends can attest to that!

I didn't feel I was worthy of higher-paying, professional positions, conventional or otherwise.

It took me many YEARS to have the courage to start my own first business.

And now I know that the mistake I made that kept me broke wasn't that I chose to sell handmade jewellery...

It was that I failed to invest in myself to learn how to market my business better.

Investing in your business requires a belief that YOU and YOUR IDEAS are worth investing in.

If you see yourself as 'just a handmade jewelry seller' as I did, then you won't take the steps to progress your ideas to the next level.

Eventually, I did gain the self-worth to adjust my goals to suit my lifestyle aspirations of becoming a world-travelling, self-employed digital nomad.

I made a decision to take my whimsical daydreams seriously.

I invested in them with all my spare time and money.

And now I earn far more than I did at my last full-time job!

And I also have far more security because I have multiple income streams, not just one.

Confidence doesn't come from positive affirmations, it comes from taking action.

So to get the confidence you'll need to have an unconventional lifestyle and financially survive, you'll need to start taking action on the specific life skills you'll need, as I mentioned before.

Only the most killer skill one could possibly have in this day in age, IMHO!

How To Live An Unconventional Lifestyle And Not Go Broke by Hexotica
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The Key Skill You Need To Make An Unconventional Lifestyle PAY

The internet is bursting with the stories of people who live interesting, exotic lifestyles who aren't just making a living, they are thriving. They are making more money than they ever did when they were on more conventional career paths.


Because there are hundreds of ways to create multiple income streams online and for those willing to learn to put together just a few, they have far more security than one job could ever give them.

Online marketing is the key to unlimited earning potential and lifestyle freedom.

All it takes is learning how to market the things you love to do! You can make any idea a livelihood when you understand how to align what you do with the people who want to buy what you do.

That's not the same as saying any idea is viable, but that any idea when aligned well can become viable.

And that's what good marketing is all about.

It's also NOT about being a pushy, sleazy salesperson and scamming people.

It's the skill of finding the people who were already looking for what you are selling. People who are happy to buy from you, more than once.

A skill that can be studied online right now while you're still employed, or whatever situation you find yourself in. As long as you have internet access, you can learn it.

I won't tell you it's easy - because it's not - but I will vow to how much fun it can be.

I freaking LOVE it! Because it's applied psychology, it's creative, it's social, it's rewarding when you see results and can often feel like a game, and - best of all - it's lucrative.

It pays you more and more the more skilled you become.

And there's NO CAP to how much you can earn when the entire world is your audience.

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