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Badass Women Dont Believe In Religion by Alternative Lifestyle Blog Hexotica

Let's talk about one of the 10 normative values that get in the way of leading an alternative lifestyle: religion.

Badass women who chase their dreams and live by their own rules don't believe in any one religion.

Not as it's served up to them, anyway.

At some point in their lives, they start to side-eye religions' silver platter offer of all life's answers and all life's rules.

And they say, "No, thank-you, not for me."

When you grow up within a religious family or culture like I did, losing your religion - and finding it again - is a revolutionary act of liberation for your creative spirit.

And it's one that absolutely must be made if you intend to live your life in the way you want to live it.

Badass women recognize that religion is just an interpretation of life experience.

Religion is mandated, sanctioned, articulated, and enforced not by God but by humankind. Everything we're told was inspired by God still got put to paper (or rock) by a human hand.

The thousands of differing interpretations of life that make up all the religions of the world are vastly contradictory. Therefore, all of the religions of the world are unreliable as a primary source of life guidance.

Badass women know that blind adherence to the crisscrossing paths of religion can become internally divisive.

That divide is a barrier that will keep you constantly second-guessing yourself. It will keep you from getting to know yourself.

And knowing yourself is a source of power - the greatest source of personal power.

Religion is someone else's interpretation of life experience.

Badass women interpret their own life experiences to find their own path.

They are deeply spiritual, not religious.

They discover God (or source, or universal energy, whatever you want to call it) is in their hearts, not in a human-written book.

And they have the courage to ditch the parts of religious narrative that don't resonate with their soul's narrative.

The non-religious spiritual path is one of compassion for the self and others.

Developing deep self-compassion is one of the hardest spiritual tasks you can experience in life.

It requires a lifelong practice of self-evaluation and self-awareness.

But what you'll learn about yourself and the world will be 100% reliable because it's aligned with your heart and your own experiences of life.

It's an uncluttered, straightforward path to take, but it requires you to be brave and defy religion's rules.

A non-conformist, compassionate rebel.

A badass woman.

Spirituality is individual expression of life experience.

Badass women find their religion again.

You are the primary source of your own experience.

You are your most reliable life guide.

Have the courage to reclaim the parts of the religion you grew up in that you can believe in. The parts that resonate and ring true for you.

Even after years of rejecting your religion, as I did. I went through a phase of loathing Christianity, only to come back to embrace the parts that felt OK.

The parts that jammed with my own life experience and my personal beliefs about why we're all here.

Like prayer, because it aligned with my beliefs in manifesting.

Or guardian angels, who I believe give me meaningful angel card or tarot readings each morning.

Unless you're a selfish narcissist, you're likely to have felt a pull to help your fellow human beings out and make the world a better place. Trust that feeling - that's God/source within you. It's your spiritual power, it doesn't belong to any one religion.

Claim it.

And when you do - that's when you can find the courage to break the rules, be your own compass, and lead the alternative lifestyle of your dreams.

People will accuse you of 'cherry-picking' from religion.

But all religious interpretations are just baskets of cherries. Cherries picked over thousands of years by thousands of men. It's about damn time we women cherry-picked what works for us.

Empowering ourselves with what works best for us - not somebody else - is what makes us badass women.

Or, if you feel the goodwill but don't believe in anything divine, that's fine too.

You're still making a decision about your life experience - albeit an empirical one, not spiritual.

Atheism is not experience of life, it's measurement of it.

Badass liberated, freethinking women don't take their place, they make their place in life.

You're not here to work for a church, you're here to work for your soul.

The work of your soul is to find itself.

To discover its mission and purpose, to expand, to radiate, and to make the world a better place.

That much, I am sure of - all we need to do is look to nature to see that nurture and growth despite struggle and strife is what the deal is here.

What inspires you? Inspiration is divine guidance (one of my favorite sayings!)

What are your dreams? Are you working on them? If not, why the hell not?!

Stop watching TV and get to work.

Stop surfing the internet and start making the waves others surf instead.

Become a creator, and radically change your life by helping others with what you can create and share. The internet is a gift that helps us do that. Marketing is the skill we need to learn to use it well.

The world is in desperate need of more badass women leaders.

If you've ever once felt inspired to create your unique vision, that's the rallying call of the divine with you.

Step up, and step into your badass self! 🪄☠️

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