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52 Powerful AF Affirmations For Self Love And Self Reliance by Hexotica

Self-love seems like an unfair advantage in life...

People who have it seem to be able to kickass at anything in life, don't they? πŸ™„

But it's not a privilege like so many other things are (like being born in a rich country, or white, or male, etc.)

Self-love can be learned - with practice.

So I've listed these 52 affirmations for self-love for those of you who are suffering under the weight of your own shitty opinion about yourselves.

Because I used to be just like you...

I was shy as a mute.

Too skinny. No boobs! πŸ˜‚

I had such low self-esteem that it took me 20 years to have an iota of ambition...

Or to stop expecting boyfriends would be the answer to my future!

Self-love is tied to our ability to be self-reliant, purpose-driven, and powerful in every way the world demands us to be:

Good little money-makers, time-managers, healthy bodies, healthy minds...you know, all the things capitalism requires!πŸ˜…

So I've compiled and created these 52 affirmations for self-love just for you from all my years of experience on this spinning space rock (nearly 50 years now!).

These are not your usual, basic-bitch, toxic-positivity, or woo-woo guru's affirmations for self-love...

These are affirmations especially crafted for women and gender-diverse people who are restless AF, sick of self-loathing, and ready to give birth to their inner self-reliant, self-loving BADASS selves! πŸ’ͺ

52 of 'em, one for every week so you can plan a kickass self-transformative AF year!

They are designed to shift your beliefs about yourself and blow up your imagination for what's possible for you.

By practicing these affirmations daily, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and create a more positive and loving relationship with yourself.

How Affirmations Work to Help Turn You Into a Self-Loving BADASS!

Affirmations work by rewiring your brain and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

When you repeat affirmations, you are reinforcing new beliefs about yourself and the world around you. Over time, these positive affirmations become ingrained in your subconscious mind, leading to a shift in your mindset and a big self-love boost.

To make affirmations more effective, it's important to practice them with intention and belief. Say them out loud or write them down, and let yourself into the feeling of the emotions associated with each affirmation. The more you engage your senses and emotions, the more powerful the affirmations become.

Intentionality is the MOST powerful force for self-transformation there is...

It's what separates the 2% or so of people who reach self-actualization on Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs, and the 98% herd who just drift along in life.

So whether you struggle with low self-esteem, or self-doubt, or just want to kick-start your day off with a dopamine hit, these affirmations can guide you towards a happier, more self-reliant life.

If you are a human being, you deserve to love yourself unconditionally and thrive in all areas of your life. You might not think so, but that's the exact shitty thought we want to shift.

And these affirmations for self-love can help you do that because they work like hypnosis at the subconscious level - when repeated often enough. Repeating affirmations helps chip away at all the crap in your head.

So I encourage you to bookmark this page, or copy and paste these into a Google doc, and read them over and over and over again until your mind stops grumbling, ''Oh, THAT'S not true!'' in the background like a nay-saying Karen.

Affirmations for Self-Worth: Starting From Rock BottomπŸͺ¨

I'm not a psychologist, but I have worked as a social media manager for a psychologist for over 6 years, and working with her has shown me how desperately we women lack self-worth.

I've learned how important developing self-worth at the subconscious level is for making ANY big changes within ourselves and in our lives. And just by default through working with her, I've been able to make some significant improvements within my own life as well!

Any change you want to make in your life has to start with developing a healthy foundation of self-worth.

If that's not strong, you'll sabotage your progress again and again because you don't believe you are worthy of it.

It's only when we feel that we are worthy at a deep, subconscious level that we can begin to shift into a new, more empowered sense of self-identity.

And when we shift into a stronger identity we can then begin to form new habits, strengthened by WHO we see ourselves as in the world.

So you see, it all builds on itself, in a way!

So let's start with some affirmations for self-love for a rock-solid AF foundation.

  1. I am worthy of everything life has to offer simply for the fact that I was born into this world. There are no other humans born into this world with any greater or lesser worthiness than any other human. FACT.
  2. I am enough - it's the f--ked up world that tells me otherwise.
  3. There isn't a single person on this planet that is entitled to treat me like shit, and that includes myself.
  4. I am like a dimmed light right now - I cannot see my own untapped power, but that doesn't mean that it's not there.
  5. There is nothing selfish about prioritizing my own happiness and making myself the #1 priority in my own life.
  6. By loving myself more, I can only ever be a more loving person for others, never less.

Affirmations for Self-Acceptance: Pulling Your Conflicting Parts Together

After self-worth comes self-acceptance, which is how we think about ourselves internally.

This is where we may have many conflicting parts of ourselves working within us, including some that seem hell-bent on sabotaging everything we try to do. What's important to remember is that all these parts developed to serve us at some point and to keep us safe.

So to gain self-acceptance, it's helpful to try not to reject these parts but to understand WHY they developed - like when and where they started. A lot of this mental junk will have come from how you were raised, so read as much about childhood development psychology as you can to understand how your childhood dynamics played out.

Getting to KNOW yourself is important here, so I recommend starting a diary if you don't already keep one.

  1. I am not the parts of myself that are hurting. Those are just parts of myself I am getting to know and that I'll embrace and try to understand. I am whole.
  2. I am now getting to know who I am and I release the identity of who I have been because I did not choose that identity. It was given to me by the influence of my parents, loved ones, and society and I grew into it unconsciously. I now consciously choose my true and desired identity with full, powerful INTENTION.
  3. I am never who I was yesterday. I am an evolving being who is allowed to be flawed and to make mistakes.
  4. I choose grace and self-compassion over shame and feelings of failure.
  5. I don't need to LOVE everything about myself or have the perfect body, but I am grateful to be alive and I am grateful for what my body does for me.

Affirmations for Self-Esteem: Stop Demoting Yourself πŸ‘Ž

Self-esteem is a measure of how we think about ourselves as reflected by the outside world, especially when we compare ourselves to others.

So to build self-esteem, you've got to stop demoting yourself as well as stop putting others on the proverbial pedestal! This is when it's healthy to embrace a bit more of your inner REBEL and ROAR!

  1. The world as it is was designed by men with names like Bob who want women to look like Barbie. I will no longer live in Bob's world, and I embrace living in MY world where I can look like ME!
  2. I release the need for approval from anyone other than MYSELF. I am the only person whose opinion of ME matters in MY life.
  3. Chasing other people's approval is like pouring water through a strainer. When I don't believe in myself, all their approval just goes right through me.
  4. I don't HAVE to look or be anything to anyone. I CHOOSE to be or do what I choose to be or do, no one else chooses that for me.
  5. I do not owe this world anything. I do not owe my parents their unfulfilled dreams. I do not owe the patriarchy a beauty standard or a dress size. I do not owe my spouse and children their care taking priority over my own. I do not owe capitalism success.
  6. I don't want anyone in my life who doesn't want me back.
  7. I embrace my weird and let my freak flag FLY! 🏴 (one of my all-time favorite affirmations of self-love!)

Affirmations for Self-Confidence: It Comes From Taking ACTION!⚑️

Here's a lil' truth bomb I learned best when I became an entrepreneur: we will never gain confidence from just sitting on our butts planning and dreaming about what we want in life. Confidence comes almost exclusively from TAKING ACTION.

We get life dead wrong when we think it's that we have to HAVE something FIRST in order to DO or something to BECOME someone.

For example, when we think we have to HAVE confidence in order to DO things like publish weekly YouTube videos in order to BE an online influencer.

It's the other way around!πŸ’«

You have to BE ''a content creator'' who DOES things like make YouTube videos every week in order to HAVE the confidence of an online influencer.

This is why the following affirmations for confidence are tied to identity and ACTION! πŸͺ„πŸ’«

  1. I am [the identity that you want]. (If you find this hard to wrap your mind around, say, ''I am becoming'')
  2. I embrace mental, physical, and spiritual discomfort every day in order to achieve my goal of becoming a [identity].
  3. I am committed to doing everything I plan to do to become [identity].
  4. If I feel fear or resistance to my plans, I will notice it - and then push past it.
  5. I know this is possible and I am COMMITTED to making it happen - I will work out systems and methods that make it easy and natural for me - I'll make it habitual and automatic.
  6. I focus on my daily commitments, not to my results, because I AM someone who is deeply committed.
  7. I will start as small as I need to now to create the commitment FIRST.
  8. I will make myself proud of myself today by fulfilling my commitments to myself and the person I am becoming.
  9. I'm doing it for ME.πŸ”₯
  10. I am not afraid of being wrong, of failing, or of losing. I will not quit until I get what I want.
  11. I DO have what it takes. I will TRUST myself, even if that means getting it wrong until I learn how to get it right.
  12. What other people think of what I am doing is none of my business and there is nothing I can do to stop people thinking whatever TF they want anyway, so LET THEM.
  13. I will be the most [desired quality] person I know.
  14. I will not wait to meet [desired person]. I will BECOME them instead.πŸ’‹
  15. There are people who need the kind of help I can give, and there are not enough people like me stepping up to give that kind of help. If I take more action, I can help more people.
  16. Achieving my goal is simply a numbers game. If I keep trying, I WILL get there in time, guaranteed.
  17. Fearlessness equals limitlessness. I choose to embrace my fears to erase my limits.
  18. I will NEVER know enough, be ready enough, or feel ready enough. The time to act is NOW.

Affirmations for Self-Care: You Deserve ALL THE THINGS! πŸŽͺ

A well-nurtured soul is a thriving soul.

And creating significant life transformation requires significant self-nurturing. 🌱

So while the first step to self-care is feeling worthy of it, from there it also requires a level of inner attunement.

Things like knowing when you have worked hard enough - or not enough!

Or being able to maintain a healthy balance in all the most important domains of your life: work, health, and relationships.

It means regularly slowing down and paying attention to yourself to see how your soul is doing.

  1. My self-care is about giving the world the best of me, rather than what's left of me.✨
  2. I deserve to rest and recharge, guilt-free.
  3. My mornings are for ME. My Mondays are for ME. (or whatever time you dedicate to yourself and the work that matters the most to you)
  4. I deserve the same outpouring of time, love, and energy that I give to others.
  5. My day begins at [time] and it ends at [hard close time]. (We're often great at starting our day but terrible at closing it - give yourself a dedicated HARD CLOSE time!)
  6. I DESERVE a lunch break by law and by self-love. I do not have to EARN my breaks. (This applies to weekend getaways and vacations, too!)
  7. My self-care is how I take my POWER BACK from a world hell-bent on sucking every ounce of it out of me.
  8. Saying 'no' is a form of self-care.

Affirmations for Letting Go of Negativity: Give Less F--ks 🀘

Understand that a lot of our suffering comes from our attachments.

Attachment to our own expectations and hopes, to people, to things out of our control, and to things we wish were different.

You can gain huge immediate relief just by accepting the negative circumstances and things you can never change in your life.

It's not about condoning or forgetting negativity, but just about letting go of it.

  1. Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It only hurts ME.
  2. Trying to change other people is a waste of time, but I CAN change MYSELF.
  3. Trying to change things that are out of my control is a waste of time, but I CAN change what IS within my control.

Affirmations For Self-Reliance: Personal Agency Is Personal POWER ⚑️

Now for the juiciest affirmations for self-love: affirmations for self-reliance!

I fell in love with Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-Reliance in high school, a book that profoundly influenced my life.

I am still proud of my ability to be self-reliant...

Even though it took me 30 years to realize that my hyper-independence was partially a result of having Avoidant Attachment issues!

**Side note here: Do find out what your Attachment Style is. It's one of those things that can develop during childhood that has a major impact on your life. It affects how you may feel about yourself, your ability to have a healthy relationship - even WHO you choose to be with!!

Self-reliance is important because getting things done on our own makes us more effective, which increases our positive feelings about ourselves.

It also can help us to be more resilient and unbreakable, especially when life goes pear-shaped!🍐

Here are my favorite affirmations for self-reliance, inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

  1. I take full responsibility for my life: past, present, and future.
  2. No one can take care of me better than I can. No one else can give me exactly what I need.
  3. I can be both my greatest teacher and my greatest student.
  4. Nothing is as sacred as the inner whispers of my own heart. To ignore them is to die.πŸ–€
  5. I dare to pursue the life of my dreams. I dare to believe in delusional-level dreams, knowing that even in chasing them I will find more purpose and meaning in my life than if I never tried.

And in case you wonder where does God or spiritual beliefs fit into all of this, remember this beautiful Sufi saying:

Inspiration is divine guidance.

You are NEVER alone in this world.

You were born to experience pain and pleasure, to learn, and to grow.

This is a truth you can verify because it is reflected by all of nature, which includes you.😘

Practice Your Affirmations For Self-Love DAILY

With the power of affirmations, you can accelerate your progress and create lasting change in your life.

So, start practicing these powerful AF affirmations today and watch as your self-love grows and transforms your life.

You are worthy of all the love and happiness in the world and you can create a life that reflects your true worth.

YOU have that power.

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