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Are you living an 'EXOTIC' life?⁣⁣

Is your life INTERESTING enough for you?⁣⁣ (Under normal circumstances?)

If you were to think of yourself as the 'star of your own show,' would it be a show you'd even want to watch? 🤩

Or would you skip the channel so that you could watch someone else's show?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 📺

So many of us are skipping to watch someone else's show because it's an easier role to be a watcher than a star...

⁣Our focus is always on someone else - what THEY are doing and what THEY are thinking (especially when it concerns what THEY think about US).⁣

⁣Yet it can feel difficult to choose the life we truly desire.⁣⁣

Our automatic default mode is to live vicariously through the lives of others. The life our families steered us into, or that benefits an employer, restrictive relationships, or the ones we admire from a distance - royalties, celebrities, social media, magazines...

Writing a life manifesto can help you guide yourself toward the life YOU want.

At 22 I made a vow to live an exotic life - a life manifesto I wrote in my diary that has since informed every decision in my life.

Back then, in revolt to my suburban American upbringing, I defined ‘an exotic life’ as the antithesis to a life of material acquisition and raising a family. Though I respect the choice to have children, it forces conventional lifestyle experiences into people's lives...and I wanted vastly UNconventional experiences and nomadic adventures!

And above all, FREEDOM.⁣⁣

Yet later in my life, I realized that living an 'exotic life' isn't about what we do/don't do at all...

⁣⁣⁣A life manifesto is an INNER NARRATIVE - it's our story.

It's our EXPERIENCE as our unique story.

⁣⁣⁣⁣My exotic life manifesto is how I TELL it to myself more than how I LIVE it.⁣⁣⁣

It can be raw and factual or it can be a facade and projection that seduces us (primarily) and sometimes others. Think of it as a perception of your life as theatre. Research what archetype you want to live by that resonates with you.⁣ Are you a survivor-warrior in a tragedy? A healer in an uplifting drama?

I chose to be a nonconformist magician. For me, this means bucking conventions in order to create magic -magical overseas adventures, magical experiences with my friends and family, an enchanting cottage-style home in forest..

And above all, using intentional magic to transform my life and the lives of others through online education and connection. 🪄🦢

But a life manifesto doesn’t need a lot of colorful or expensive externals - or adventures.⁣⁣⁣

It's internally created and perceived - it’s choosing to see life's sublime beauty.⁣⁣

I believe that every existence can be exotic when we admire the magic in our lives...

Just listen to how Clementine Ford describes the magic of having her son here... (this made me cry!)

It's a perfect example of what I mean by admiring the sublime beauty of life.

It's not about what we do or own...it's how we choose to see things.

⁣But above all it's taking our own life into our own creative hands - we have to own our place as the Star Creator in our story. 🪄💫

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Choosing to lead an exotic life is a gift of perception that we give ourselves through artistic construction. It's our commitment to our OWN story.⁣⁣


It's the OPPOSITE of living with impostor syndrome.

Having a strong sense of the story I intended to experience in my life has helped me outgrow impostor syndrome because I am able to lead with my own choice of identity.

If I didn't have a clear vision of how the new identity fits into the story I want my life to be, I know I would suffer feelings of displacement and unworthiness much, much more.

Because I chose an 'exotic' life full of a myriad of experiences and adventures, I conditioned myself to get comfortable with discomfort. So many times I've wanted to run, I've talked myself back into calm by re-affirming my 'exotic life' narrative.

I believe everybody should have a life manifesto. Whether it's written down or bobbing around vaguely in your head, have a word or two that defines what kind of life you want.

With a life manifesto, your impostor syndrome can become a familiar ally instead of being your foe.

So, what's your life manifesto?

To help you define your life manifesto, I created a FREE download of my own personal manifesto outline. I've added a list of critical questions to ask yourself about your life.

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