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Frustrated woman pulling hair asking 'Should I give up on my dreams?'' by Hexotica

If you've ever asked yourself, ''Should I give up on my dreams?!'' this is for YOU, creative daydreamer out there in the netosphere. πŸ–€

A lot of people want to be in the game.

They want to have more money, more freedom, more power, more fun and memorable experiences...

And they may even have clarity on how to get there, with a savvy marketing strategy...

But being in the game isn't about desire or clarity.

It's about resilience. πŸ’«

Here's how I learned this truth at its core last year...

Here's why you aren't as RESILIENT as you WANT to be (why you find yourself flipping streaming channels instead of working on your DREAM! )

Your desire to be self-reliant in life and to pursue your version of success, whatever that might be, gets you to life's gambling table.

You're watching others play, learning some skills...

Side-eyeing other players...

You start to figure things out.

But what happens when you start to play is that your mind goes into a scramble.

Self-doubt and shame get all up in your brain like two car-jacking villains trying to take the wheel from you.

*SCREACH* you regain 6 kilos you lost over 5 months after visiting family in Atlanta for 5 WEEKS! ARGH.

*CRUNCH* you hit a wall where your productivity streak of 2 months flies out the window and you're jettisoned into SURVIVAL MODE.

Apathy sets in.

This is what happened to me in October last year when several shitty things happened in my life all at once.

I had not experienced any apathy like that in years...

Not since I got crystal clear about my biggest dreams, and made a 10-year 8-figure business delusional-level dream-plan! (you gotta be a member of my group to view the workshop I did on this!)

I couldn't get out of bed.

Stopped doing my daily routine.

Didn't even feel like doing the things I usually ENJOYED.


It baffled me.

I had moments where I asked myself, ''should I give up on my dreams?''

Even doing the most minimal amount of work for my clients felt like a hard grind.

Let alone the overwhelming heaviness of how much work I need to do to reach my dreams...

Then I JUST HAPPENED to come across a YouTube video that explained everything to me...

(don't get me started on the number of synchronicities I experienced around that time - it was BEYOND explanation. My guardian angels were cha-cha dancing and chanting advice around me, I swear!) 

I learned that when your fundamental sense of safety is threatened, your frontal lobe SHUTS DOWN.

The loss of a job or client - or your fear of it. πŸ’₯

A break-up or horrible fight with your partner - or your fear of it. πŸ’₯

A family death, illness, or other tragedy - or your fear of it. πŸ’₯

THE TRIGGERING of any past trauma & deep-seated shame. πŸ’₯

You see, the STRESS of life impairs our executive function.

Your body goes into 'fight or flight' mode. 

Your brain will not WORK until your subconscious mind feels safe again.

Even MILD STRESS can cause our brains to re-route our dream-building motivation to the backburner.

Probably the worst thing about my experience was I stopped doing the very things that could have helped me the most: daily yoga and meditation.

You have to calm your nervous system down until your subconscious mind feels safe again. 

It's so fascinating, right??

So you see, understanding this relationship between stress and your dream of self-reliance and stress is CRITICAL to your SUCCESS.

How to be as resilient as a badass barnacle on the ship of your DREAMS! 

So then, creative daydreamer, what I want for you to glean from all this is that:






are all good to go but to be IN THE GAME you're going to need


to BOUNCE BACK from a LOT of setbacks and the ongoing stress of everything life finger-flings in your face.

Resilience is a foundation of self-reliance & success.

 And your resilience is energetically drawn from your physical and spiritual self-care.

So the next time you ask yourself, ''Should I give up on my dreams?'' and you find yourself plonked in front of the tv surfing channels, or scrolling social media like a zombie, know that what you may need is NOT to quit, but to RE-CENTER yourself.

A re-centering activity is anything that battery-charges you physically and spiritually.

They are proactive protective barriers against all the stress and overwhelm that you WILL feel.

Maybe, like me, you used to poo-poo the thought of daily routines that ''successful people'' do to start their day or to unwind...

But the reality is these things aren't self-indulgent, narcissistic twat activities - they are required for stress relief and basic life functioning!

'Should I give up on my dreams?' NEVER! Do these things instead to RE-CHARGE your RESILIENCE!

These are all links to things that I rely on to calm down my nervous system when I feel overwhelmed or stressed:



  • I discovered the power of Yin Yoga during the long Melbourne lockdowns in 2020. Yoga with Kassandra is my go-to yoga YouTuber. I did this one countless times during the lockdowns.
  • Yoga Nidra is an even MORE CHILL yoga and a great way to take an afternoon break while laying down on your bed or yoga mat
  • 30 Minutes Full Body Yoga Flow & Stretch - I do this one with my eyes closed the entire time.



I read once that the most important thing to do to help heal stress, burnout, and trauma is to put it into words.

I've kept a diary since I was 11 years old and it has without a doubt been what has helped me the most when I've struggled mentally or spiritually.

I highly recommend buying a beautiful journal and making an appointment with yourself at least every fortnight to go to a cafe by yourself and just WRITE.

Write until your hands hurt.

Write until you have nothing left to write to say to yourself.

Let that ugly duckling fearful part of yourself spill out all her insecurities and shame until you feel lighter.

Journaling is incredibly cathartic and healing.πŸ’œ


If you're constantly asking yourself, ''Should I give up on my dreams?'' in a state of overwhelm and stress, affirmations can help re-wire the negative thoughts that are leading you around in circles.

It's helpful to actively replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

It doesn't matter if your conscious brain thinks they are stupid.

Your SUBCONSCIOUS brain will still absorb the words - and trip out on believing them despite you!

Since I am a HUGE advocate of using daily affirmations I wrote up 52 Powerful AF Affirmations For Self-Love And Self-Reliance to share some strong, non-sappy ones for you.

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