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52 Totally Original & Irreverent Tips & Quotes About Digital Marketing For Online Businesses 🀳

As an online marketing mentor and educator, I find it useful to summarize key marketing ideas into pithy, memorable sayings for my audience and course participants. πŸͺ„πŸ¦’

But fun marketing quotes are hard to come by - they are either too boring and serious or just not particularly insightful. πŸ™„

So I came up with these 52 quotes about digital marketing over the past decade of working in this field to convey my fascination and obsession with marketing while also poking some fun at it to get some laughs (and clicks!).

Whether you're looking for something savvy to say about marketing at an in-person event or you just want to make a social media meme, feel free to use any of these 52 quotes about digital marketing how and wherever you please.

All 52 of them are 100% original as they spawned from my own head. πŸͺ„πŸ˜‰

So all I ask if you do use them is that you have the courtesy to credit @HEXOTICA -- OR I WILL COME AFTER YOU (haha, not really, I probably won't give AF tbh).

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Quotes About Digital Marketing Key PrinciplesπŸͺ„πŸ—οΈ

  1. If you're saying the SAME few things OVER & OVER every single day on every single channel - CONGRATS! You're doing consistent marketing messaging right! ~ HEXOTICA
  2. EXPERIMENT with your marketing! Have fun, go WILD, test, test, test - creative testing is the essence of good marketing! ~ HEXOTICA
  3. If you're a bit obsessed with human psychology, you may just become a good marketer! ~ HEXOTICA
  4. Always connect marketing to an emotion unless you're selling to PSYCHOPATHS! ~ HEXOTICA
  5. If there's a way to automate your marketing & business tasks, jump all over it! ~ HEXOTICA
  6. The secret to marketing is to connect emotionally. Every word, image, act. Emotion is the siracha of the internet. ~ HEXOTICA
  7. Know the essential foundations of marketing, stay updated on trends, and stick to a killer strategy with lots of testing & tweaking. Extra emphasis on 'stick' to it. ~ HEXOTICA
  8. If you want people to buy from you, invest in them with your marketing. Shower them with sweet empathetic words, inspiration, laughs, rants directed at the things they hate, and tips to make their lives easier. ~ HEXOTICA
  9. Aim for a delightful combo of helpful info & visual candy in your marketing. Create an experience! ~ HEXOTICA
  10. Give more value to your audience than you ask for in return, but also make DAMN SURE they know what you do & how you can help them, always. ~ HEXOTICA
  11. Just how AWESOME is your product or service? Is it as good as your competitor's? Are you listening to feedback & tweaking it? Sometimes marketing fails because people are selling JUNK. Don't be that brand. ~ HEXOTICA

12. When you don't believe in what you're selling, your customers will smell it in your stinky marketing. Belief carries effort, care, empathy, and ultimately, connection - the aim of marketing. ~ HEXOTICA

  1. Make it easy for people to buy off your website - don't list all your services without minimum prices. It's the same as asking a guest to help themselves to your fridge! ~ HEXOTICA
  2. A lot of rock-star marketers will tell you that studying human psychology is the key to their success, but they're not reading library books on it - they learn it through studying copywriting & applying copy formulas. ~ HEXOTICA
  3. As well as spotlighting all the awesome things people can gain when they buy your product or service, remind them about all the horrible things they will lose if they don't buy. Paint the consequences for them. ~ HEXOTICA

Quotes About Social Media MarketingπŸͺ„πŸ—οΈ

  1. Create content that both educates and entertains: 'EDUTAINMENT'. Help people while making them laugh. ~ HEXOTICA
  2. Social media should amplify the message in core content: videos, blogs, podcasts, etc. No core, no bones for people to chew & want to stick around. ~ HEXOTICA
  3. Go over your last 5 social media posts. How many times did you mention what you do & how you help people? Yes, you can mention it in EVERY post, but be cool about it. ~ HEXOTICA
  4. Are you just talking TO your audience or are you creating conversations? Social media marketing needs to go beyond message broadcasting. Don't be an air-horn! ~ HEXOTICA

Funny Marketing Quotes That'll Make Your Audience Laugh & Love Your Badass Marketician Self πŸͺ„πŸ˜

  1. Get new service and product ideas from your audience, not from your brain farts. ~ HEXOTICA
  2. Look at your last social media post & weigh up how much empathy you showed your audience around their problems. Your job as a marketer is to be a combo of Oprah & Yoda! ~ HEXOTICA
  3. Do you know what makes some people go, "yea, nah" when they hear about your product or service? Address ALL the "yea, nah"'s in your marketing, but be cool about it. ~ HEXOTICA
  4. Keep experimenting in your marketing - have fun, be galvanizing, intoxicate with your words, flash your brand's titties! Boring marketing is a waste of time. Be the Burning Man of your industry. ~ HEXOTICA

24. Build a community, not just a bunch of followers. Have a rallying point that people can get on board with in your brand - something that makes them say, "YEA, BABY!" ~ HEXOTICA

  1. Simple explanation if you're confusing marketing with selling: marketing is the bus that picks people up & takes them to the party, i.e. leads & traffic. Sales is the party, the experience, & the hangover (make it worth it!). ~ HEXOTICA
  2. DM's are like digital sewer pits that collect every customer curse and complaint. ~ HEXOTICA
  3. When it comes to social media, create a 365 evergreen post canon & just re-use it again & again every year, changed up & mixed in with new shit as you make it. Make social media YOUR bitch, not the other way around! ~ HEXOTICA
  4. If your marketing makes you giggle self-consciously but it WORKS, it's still good marketing! ~ HEXOTICA
  5. Do you even know who you are selling to? If the answer is 'everybody', no ya DON'T! ~ HEXOTICA
  6. OMG can we please stop identifying target customers by hair & eye color already? What keeps them up all night is all that matters! ~ HEXOTICA

Sweary & Irreverent Quotes About Marketing πŸ™Š

  1. A hot shit brand is the ultimate for hot shit-easy marketing. ~ HEXOTICA
  2. Until you start to reflect what your audience thinks & feels, they'll ignore your ass. ~ HEXOTICA
  3. Use the same words your customers are using in all of your marketing, don't be a wordy douche. Collect it from comments & reviews. ~ HEXOTICA
  4. Storytelling really IS a great way to market shit online & all the hype is justified! Start with stories! ~ HEXOTICA
  5. Listen to your customers - are they bragging about your brand or shitting on your brand? How would you know if you're not LISTENING? Set up social listening & tune in! ~ HEXOTICA

36. Marketing starts with figuring out what the biggest pain-in-the-ass problem you can solve for people & all the ways up, down, and sideways that you can solve that problem & making content from that. ~ HEXOTICA

  1. If you're just starting out online, slow the 'eff down with learning everything all at once. You don't need to know it all, and there's a LOT to learn! Take a breather from 'sales funnels' & focus on email, for example. ~ HEXOTICA
  2. Social media follower count amounts to nothing more than social proof, which is helpful but not as hot shit as most people think it is. Email subscriptions & open rates are the numbers that should make you quiver. ~ HEXOTICA
  3. To build trust in your brand super quick, don't just rely on testimonies, make great case studies. People often suspect testimonies are made-up bullshit but a complex case study is a self-evident demonstration. ~ HEXOTICA
  4. A cheeky way to attract attention is to shit-stir. Rant, spew strong opinions, & rock the boat with a bit of controversy, but the trick is to do it for a positive outcome - to help people. Otherwise, you just annoy people. ~ HEXOTICA
  5. If you get nasty rants on ads from people who misunderstand what you sell, screenshot that shit (blackout names) & use it in on social media to clap back. Your fans will pile on with support & the post reach will be insane. ~ HEXOTICA
  6. These types of social media posts get the most shares: strong opinions, hot trends, useful data, funny shit, and breaking news. Make at least one a regular part of your post schedule. ~ HEXOTICA

Marketing Quotes For Small Business & Noobs 🐌

  1. One of the pivotal shifts from noob to pro biz owner is to get out of your head & into your customer's. ~ HEXOTICA
  2. You can totally overdose on marketing advice, so don't be an information junky - stay focused on the next step in front of you, not 10 steps ahead. I know it's hard. (shiny things!) ~ HEXOTICA
  3. If you're new to marketing & writing content feels like pulling out nose hairs, just start with studying how to write great headlines. Headlines are like mini-ads, & they will either instantly attract or repel people. ~ HEXOTICA
  4. If you want to become self-employed fast, become a Virtual Assistant. VA's are like the gateway drug to digital marketing. ~ HEXOTICA

Motivational Digital Marketing Quotes πŸ’ͺ

  1. If you make your marketing fun for YOU, it'll be fun for everyone else, too. ~ HEXOTICA
  2. Want to be a marketing LEGEND? Create a NEWSWORTHY event & make a steamship-sized toot about it. Give people something to brag about seeing. ~ HEXOTICA
  3. Engaging with social media followers doesn't mean being you're just playing a nicey-nice, suck-it-up customer service role - to create FANS reply with empathy, encouragement, real opinions. People are lost. Be a leader! ~ HEXOTICA
  4. Overwhelm in business is like an ocean wave - it keeps coming back, & occasionally it'll take you under. Good planning is your surfboard here - plan far ahead & down to a daily micro-plan. Planned focus keeps you on top! ~ HEXOTICA
  5. If you want people to follow you, be an inspiring leader: Help people light a fire under their own bums, then help them keep it burning hot by fanning its flames with your passion! ~ HEXOTICA
  6. Always be building up your biz mafia: non-competing biz bosses who you can do partnership or brand advocacy campaigns with one day. In the voice of The Godfather: "I do a favor for YOU, you do a favor for ME!" ~ HEXOTICA

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