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How To Write Facebook Group Engagement Posts That POP! by Hexotica

Some of the most useless social media advice spewed on the internet is around how to create Facebook group engagement posts.

Most advice is either:

A) To create posts that are way too complicated and long-winded


B) To create posts that are designed for Facebook pages, not groups.

I'll explain why a lot of the advice is way off the mark and show you a super simple way to write Facebook group engagement posts that work.

AND I'll show you examples of actual posts I've used in various groups I manage for my clients to show you exactly how to make them!

With this 3-step formula, you'll be able to WAKE UP your sleepy group and get those reactions and comments poppin'! ⚡️

Step 1 - Use The Facebook Graphics For Your Text

It's great to have a balance of videos, pictures, GIFS, and long-winded 'value bomb' posts now and then, but you shouldn't post to a Facebook group the same way you post to a Facebook page.

Remember, the point of a group is to create a community, so create SHORT PROMPTS more often than long-winded 'value' posts.

And for these, nothing will get better reach than posts made using Facebook's native graphics.

You'll find these graphic options right under you text when you start typing a post. Click the last gray button on the right and you'll get dozens of fun and colorful choices like Mr. Happy Poo-Head there. 💩

How To Write Facebook Group Engagement Posts That POP! by Hexotica

Of course choosing to use these will force you to write super short posts because if you go over a certain number of characters, the graphic option will disappear.

So that brings me to step #2:

Step 2 - Keep The Ask Super Short

The #1 rule of Facebook group engagement posts is you cannot ask for epic biographical comments or 'thoughts'.

Facebook group posts are part of interruption-style content. As in, nobody searches for it and nobody asks for it, it just drop-kicks into feed-scrolling eyeballs.

People are mindlessly surfing and they don't want to stop and write a novel for you!

So you've got to be tell people EXACTLY how you want them to respond.

So you ask them to 'Describe in 1 word [blah blah blah]' or 'Describe in 3 Words [blah blah blah].

Or you make it even more ridiculously simple like this:

'YES OR NO [blah blah blah]' = they comment yes or no

'RATE 1-5 [blah blah blah]' = they comment 1-5

'This [thing] OR That [thing] = this or that thing.

The more you ask people to think, the less engagement you're going to get.

A post like this might look like these examples:

Facebook Group Engagement Post Example
How To Write Facebook Group Engagement Posts That POP! by Hexotica
How To Write Facebook Group Engagement Posts That POP! by Hexotica

Step 3 - Get Them To Put Their Hands Up For Everything

If you read Facebook's group guidelines you'll see that what they want you to do is build a community, right?

But most of us don't just want a community, we want to SELL, ja?

Or we want to promote our event, charity, blog post, or wackadoodle conspiracy theory.

So how can you promote the product or services you created the group to promote without turning people off or offending the Facebook algorithmic gods?

Write prompts that tell people about your thing then ask them if they would like it. I call this a 'hands up' prompt.

A prompt like this might look like these:

Facebook Group Engagement Post Examples
Facebook Group Engagement Post Example

And That's It! No More Facebook Group Engagement Post Flops!

If you've never made group posts like this and you're used to seeing your posts flop dead in the water, get ready to be surprised, you budding marketician, you! 🔮

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