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Manifesting 101: No More Forced Positive Thinking. Here’s the Easier Way to Get What You Want in Life

Manifesting 101: No More Positive Thinking. Here's the Easier Way to Get What You Want in Life

You’re stuck in a job you dislike, aren’t making as much money as you’d like, don’t look the way you’d like, and haven’t travelled to near as many places as you’d hoped you would be this age, dammit.

Thinking positively about your life is like a constant game of whack-a-mole, as negative thoughts keep popping up.


Like when your boss happily announces a new team project. “Oh, yay!” 

You try to force yourself to put a more positive slant on the events in your life to mentally survive.

You start a gratitude journal and list all the blessings you have:

  1. Job security, though I hate it.
  2. Friends. Thank $#@* for friends.
  3. My cat, Mr. Doodles.
  4. Wine. And Happy Hours!

But sometimes trying to force yourself to feel good when you feel like your life has become a junkyard hull is like trying to spray-paint over a rusty patina.

Pointless, makeshift, and just a bit gaudy!

In theory, thinking positively is a nice idea, but in reality, it’s masochistic mental gym class that never ends.

Those who believe that manifesting is all about positive thinking have a very crude understanding of the Law of Attraction, which, by the way, is 99% not even metaphysical

A legion of New Agers who can’t articulate the practice with any useful guidance except to suggest vision boards, gratitude journals, and positive thinking are to thank for all the people who poo-poo the power of manifesting.

Manifesting works. Though science hasn’t explained all of it yet–give it a few more decades to tackle that 1% crazy coincidence-level stuff– there are enough of us who actively use and experience the benefits of manifesting to have created a large-scale spiritual movement around it.

But while the visual board activities and gratitude sessions are fun and useful, the real power of manifesting what you want in life has to begin with clarity, intention, and focus–things which are far easier to achieve than forcing thought band-aids on our brains.

It has to begin with looking inward at yourself to begin to know what you really want. You have to dig deep, and keep digging.

Once you know what it is you want, you must focus on that thing intensely and live each day with an intention of getting that thing.

Manifesting 101: No More Forced Positive Thinking. Here's the Easier Way to Get What You Want by Hexotica

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You must create the opportunities for it to come into your life, expect it, allow it, and look for signs that it’s not far off.

You have to be consistent in your search for it.

Be HARDCORE about your desires! Nobody else will. Only YOU can make it happen.

All that intentional thinking requires focus, of course, so you must work to keep your mind focused.

FOCUS is what will help you achieve the changes you desire, once you get clear on what it is you want to manifest.

And the skeleton-key to developing mental focus is meditation. 

Sit for at least 20-minutes a day to practice calming down the noise in your head and listen to what you’re really thinking in there. Practice deep breathing and relaxation. It should feel like a hot bath for your mind.

When you meditate daily, repeatedly think about what you want, and begin each day with an intention of achieving that thing, your chances of success skyrocket!

And, you’ll become more open to the things you dislike in your life because your mind is hell-bent on having the better things you desire.

You’ll become more creative, less anxious, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll even discover a delight in the things you must do, because you’re living intentionally, like a woman on a mission!

Incidentally, you’ll also start to feel….more positive!  

Positive thinking follows intentional living, but first you must get clarity.

So, what is it you want in your life and what are you doing to manifest it?

Share your practices in the comments below!

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