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Freaking Out About ‘The Social Dilemma’? Use These Tactics To Take Back Control

If you’ve watched ‘The Social Dilemma’ on Netflix you may be feeling frustrated by the choice to:

1. either delete social media and become a social PARIAH


2. continue to use it, allowing it to manipulate you, record your behavior, feed you ads, and sell your data, etc!

I’m a social media manager and I’m here to show you there IS another way to use social media.

So in this video, I’ll show you how to:

  • Minimise social media’s ability to distract you
  • Kiss ads good-bye
  • Use social media with INTENTION for fun or for business

Further Reccomendations For Understanding ‘The Social Dilemma’

WATCH: I found an interview between Yuval Noah Harari and Tristan Harris much more enlightening than the documentary itself. Harari is a well-known thinker who has brought attention to the dangers of A.I. Tristan Harris has been advocating for advancing ethics in technology. One of the criticisms of the documentary was that it did not offer any solutions.

READ: This article in ‘The Verge‘ addresses the crucial non-algorithmic aspect of the social dilemma: the one that won’t go away simply by deleting social media!

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