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If You're Paying To Learn How To Manifest Money, You're Doing It Wrong

I'm sick of seeing women waste their money on expensive manifestation courses and products. 🙄

If you want to learn how to manifest money and how to have more money, buying a course, subscription, or product that only teaches the Law of Attraction is a waste of money.

Let me explain why and what you should do instead if you're serious about manifesting more money into your life.

I am a strong advocate and believer in the Law of Attraction.

I have manifested sensational coincidences and outcomes in my practice using it over many years.

But seeing women throw hundreds and even thousands of dollars in a manifestation binfire is 'effing distressing.

It's an energetic hemorrhage that's only increasing the wealth inequality between men and women.

I am passionate about helping my sisters step up in this man's world, so I want to give you a few pieces of advice on how to manifest money the right way!

First, stop paying people who claim to have made their money through manifesting - because they didn't.

They made their money by selling things that promise to teach people how to manifest money.

That's not proof they know manifesting - that's proof they know MARKETING.

The Law of Attraction universal principles are not new.

These expensive products are not going to teach you anything new about manifesting.

There are literally hundreds of teachers going back a hundred years who can teach you exactly the same principles for a pittance.

For example, How To Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was published in 1937. It's a classic that many business people hail as a must-read. It extolls the benefits of clarity, focus, and a growth mindset that are fundamental to making the Law of Attraction work for you.

You could easily find a copy of this classic in any thrift shop for pennies!

Personally, though I loved Think And Grow Rich, the male-dominated business world of his time that he continually refers to and his sex energy talk were a little off-putting.

I much prefer the lesser-known female author, Florence Scovel Shinn. She wrote three law of attraction classics that I highly recommend:

The Game of Life and How to Play it published in 1925, Your Word is Your Wand published in 1928, and The Secret Door to Success, published in 1940.

Buy all 4 of these books and you'll learn how to manifest money without spending hardly any of it!

Secondly, understand that the true power of manifesting something comes from understanding yourself.

Once you understand the basic principles you'll realize that's more important that you understand yourself.

You are the only person who can work out what your limiting beliefs may be.

What childhood trauma or experiences may be holding you back.

And you are the only person who can give yourself the answers as to what you desire so that you can get absolute clarity.

You're not going to find the keys to your own mind in a course on The Law of Attraction, but you may find it in:

I would encourage you to direct your time, money, and energy toward any of these activities instead of expensive manifesting courses.

THESE are the activities that will help you gain insight into your own belief system and how it developed.

THESE are the kinds of things that help us align with our intuition.

Our ability to become powerful manifestors can only be found and strengthened from within.

Lastly, align your belief in the Law of Attraction with things that actually do teach you how to make money! 🪄💸

Instead of wasting money on a course that teaches you how to manifest, why not spend it on a course that teaches you how to start an online business?

Every manifestational millionaire mistress has made her money through marketing. Her millions did not magically appear in her bank, duh, - it was HER MARKETING.

So why not learn how she built and marketed her business rather than buy what she claims helped her make millions? 🤷‍♀️

Manifestational products are smoke and mirrors to distract you from the far less sexy reality behind how millions are made.

The alluring manifestational-millionaire lifestyle aesthetic is just a bullshit bridge. It's the chicken and the egg, snake eating-its-own-tail circle to NOWHERE.

A course that teaches you how to set up a business and market it is what will help you make money faster than any and every course on manifesting - you know this.

It's just not as sexy, not as fun, magically intriguing, and definitely not as easy-sounding as manifesting, right?

And until the last few years, most business course brands have been boring, dry, masculine, and unrelatable.

But things have changed now, and there are hundreds of exciting educational brands run by women who want to help other women MAKE MORE MONEY.

And LOTS of it.

If You're Paying To Learn How To Manifest Money, You're Doing It Wrong by Hexotica

Align manifestational energies with tangible actions if you want to manifest money.

Manifestational products are like smoking a drug that makes you feel rich when you're literally the cost of the product poorer. And they offer no way to replace that financial loss!

Why waste money on anything that can't actually show you exactly how to make money when what you want to have is more money? ?

Stop the bullshit bridge wastage now.

Never spend more than $50 on anything to do with the Law of Attraction and making money.


That's not how it works.

You won't learn how to manifest money, you'll just learn the basic laws of attraction - and you can learn those from a book.

Practice the Law of Attraction while taking tangible actions to better understand your own mind and belief limitations.

Prioritize tangible actions to create change and become someone more capable of creating change.

This way, the combination of strategic tangible intentions combined with emotionally charged clarity and intentions become an unstoppable, empire-building alliance.

The Law of Attraction will generously line up coincidences and opportunities for a well-paved plan of action.

But it's not going to do shit for you if you don't have any tangible money-making strategy.

You can start generating ideas and allow the law of attraction to help show you how to get started. Asking the universe to help show you the best possible way for you to create more money in your life is easy enough to do - and it's free.

You don't need an expensive course to do that!

You just need to get clear on what you want and be willing to take action on the many ways to get it. Then you need to take action and go with it.

Trust in yourself and in the universe to help you see your way through.

I can help you with this (and 100% FOR FREE).

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