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7 Reasons Why Copywriting is an Ideal Job for Introverts by Hexotica

If there were a perfect job for introverts, it would be solitary, creative, reflective, expressive, allow you to read a LOT, work from anywhere, and it would pay well...

Well, that, my introverted reader, is copywriting. 

Allow me to introduce you to this kick-ass and in-demand creative profession, in case you may have never heard about it.

What is copywriting?

Previously, I wrote about my belief that writing is a weapon in a neurotic world, and how writing everyday can make you better at kicking life's ass. 

Well, copywriting is a practical way to kick butt and get paid to do it!

Copywriting is the hand that grabs attention and eyeballs on the internet. It's every headline, social media post, advertisement, article, and caption you're seeing when you go online. It's what makes you click, read more, and it is what compels you to want to buy.

Without good copy, the internet would be a dull and disorganized place, instead of the modern-day oracle of information, inspiration, and entertainment that it is.

Digital marketing relies on talented, creative, and professional copywriters to connect readers to exactly what they are seeking. Experienced copywriters know how to excite and to agitate readers. They know how to zero-in on a reader's problems, desires, and language so that they can deliver a solution with precision and ease.

And before you go thinking, "oh fark that, I hate selling!" keep in mind just how much people love buying things. They also love having their questions answered, having a laugh, and finding solutions to their problems in life

You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't seeking answers, now, would you? 😉

Copywriting is a sensitive, people-serving profession that is perfect for people who don't like people.

And, if you get good at it, it can pay bloody well! 

7 Reasons Why Copywriting is an Ideal Job for Introverts by alternative lifestyle blog Hexotica

7 Reasons Why Copywriting is an Ideal Job for Introverts

1. There's no need to recharge from the exhaustion of being around people.

Writing, by its very nature, is a solitary activity. So, even if you were to get employed as a copywriter, you could probably get away with wearing giant headphones. You might even be allowed to have a  'piss off' coffee mug on your desk.

That vital daydreaming and reflection time introverts require to survive is a part of the job. 

Time to delay returning phone calls and emails. Space for thinking and communicating until you feel you are ready.

And if you go freelance, it's even easier to protect your mental real estate and physical space.

It's the perfect job for introverts who can happily spend three days alone in a house wearing their baby blanket like a scarf around their neck.

Not that I would know anything about that...

2. You can read a LOT.

Usually, copywriting jobs start out with a lot of research into a specific industry. You need to read up not only about the brand or business you're working for, but their competitors, their customers, their industry, and its trends. You have to discover what might resonate with readers and how to position your message so that it is genuinely helpful.

In the process, you can learn all sorts of things you never knew.

Recently, I wrote the copy for an entire website of a beauty salon client and found it fascinating work. I learned about cutting-edge anti-aging skin treatments and products for women in my own age group. All of which I will never use, but at least now I understand why celebrities do not age!

After years of working as a copywriter, you could become quite knowledgeable about a vast number of things, and become unbeatable at Trivial Pursuit.

3. Learn more about people and society from the comfort of your own chair.

Copywriting taps into human behavior, hidden desires, anxieties, and motivations in order to persuade and entice people.

To do this, copywriters must wield the power of words and messaging while understanding the psychology behind why people respond in the ways they do. They must guide the reader from identifying problems the reader may not even know they had to solutions they may have never heard about.

AND, they have to do it in a way so that the reader willingly chooses the solution.

But there is no trickery or manipulation involved.

It's just masterful psychological guidance with flowing, enlivening, problem-solving ideas and words.

This level of creativity and human insight suits an introvert's tendency to listen and observe people.

With the beauty client, not only did I learn about new skin treatments, but I also learned how women like to engage with the beauty industry these days. I learned what makes them want to purchase something or what repels and insults them. It intrigued the feminist in me, to say the least.

Good copywriting requires psychological insight and sensitivity into people while demanding minimal actual contact with any of them.

4. You can be expressive, creative, and opinionated with your mouth shut.

For introverts who struggle to voice how they feel or what they think, writing offers the reflective time to form ideas, respond, and even crack that witty repartee that usually only ever comes two days too late.

Then there's the therapeutic value of writing.

Writing forces us to reconcile a logical flow of ideas, an accurate description of events, a well-reasoned embellishment or lack thereof. Editing is about actively refining our ability to communicate and to be understood, and in doing so, we come to better understand ourselves.

As a copywriter, you may not often have the opportunity to express your own personal opinions in your work.

However, you will find the practice of writing daily will sharpen your personal communication significantly over time.

7 Reasons Why Copywriting is an Ideal Job for Introverts by Hexotica

5. You can work from home or become an international digital nomad.

Copywriting is a great job for introverts who want to work from home in their pyjama pants all day.

It's also great if you're a restless soul who wants to see the world NOW because you believe climate change will have destroyed it by the time you retire.

Not that *I* think that way at all, but...

Copywriting, and similar writing careers for digital marketing such as content marketing, is one of the most common professions of world-tripping digital nomads in addition to being a social media manager.

So long as your WiFi is strong and you have a reasonable data plan, you can communicate with clients or employers just by email or video calls, from anywhere in the world.

6. You can become a copywriter without ever having to leave your house.

There are numerous online courses to train you up if you want to become a self-employed, freelance copywriter without ever having to get a degree or employment experience.

Many highly successful, introverted copywriters are sell-taught, just like many non-fiction writers.

Just remember, like non-fiction, copywriting is an art form and you need to be committed to the craft in order to become successful. There are specific writing formulas, techniques, and standards for copywriting that you must practice.

Unlike non-fiction, however, there is a huge demand for copywriters and a lot of money to be made.

The thriving internet attention economy needs copywriters who are reliable, efficient, and easy to work with, even from remote locations, and who are good at getting attention. If you can prove that your sales pages convert viewers into buyers, or your amazing emails increase open rates, or your Facebook ads get people clicking, then you're in business.

All of that will take practice and study, but as my favorite Chinese proverb goes,

It takes one step at a time to climb a mountain.

7. There's no need to toot your own horn quite as loudly.

Finally, copywriting is an ideal job for introverts because you can use your ability to write well to get clients and potential clients to come to you rather than you having to chase them. 

Brilliant copywriting will sell your services for you. Once you establish an online reputation, you will not have to get out to networking events or do any cold-calling, or cold-emailing.

It takes some time to build an attraction marketing system online, but once built, your potential clients will find you.

My suggestion to get started is to develop your skills first. When you feel ready, offer to do free or very low-cost services while you are learning so that you can gain experience and collect references.

Join Facebook groups for copywriters and start learning about the work and the industry. Read everything you can find online, listen to podcasts, and read a few classic books on copywriting.

Lastly, learn early on how to measure the effectiveness of your writing by studying conversion metrics in digital marketing. This includes the data collected by Facebook, Google Analytics, and the email service providers of the businesses you offer to help.

Does this sound like the perfect job for an introvert like you?

If so, you can get started by investing in an online copywriting course or simply by practicing by using classic copywriting formulas for your social media and blog posts.

Most freelance copywriters I know did not get a university degree or even a diploma in copywriting!

They just studied on their own, set up their business, and committed to practising to become skilled at it.

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