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Social Media Marketing Not Working For You You May Be Missing Some Essential Pieces by Hexotica

Social media marketing by itself is not marketing.

Social media marketing is in fact one of the last things that you need to focus on when you are just getting started with digital marketing.

Now, you might be asking, why is that so? Aren't we all suppose to be MAKING CONTENT EVERY DAY until our eyes bleed and our fingers fall off?? 😅

Well, it's perfectly normal to assume that, and so did I when I first started working as a social media manager many years ago.

I saw a lot of businesses come to me wanting to get their social media marketing done for them, and at first, I would accept their service like the hungry little feast-and-famine freelancer that I was.

But while doing it, I realized that they had a lot of things missing...

And now that I can clearly see what those things are, I can confidently tell anyone,  "If you're not seeing a steady flow of leads and sales online, you're basically missing some parts."

You're in a chassis without an engine, my friend!

You need to get all those parts in place.

Now, a lot of people don't know about these parts, and there's a lot to learn online, so it's not your fault that you don't know what these things are, and that it's a little bit overwhelming.

I know that online marketing can be crazy-overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!

If you just learn the basic foundations, the basic parts and get them into place, you only have to build them once to get everything working for you.

And then you can focus on the creative fun stuff like social media marketing what not...

The ESSENTIAL Parts of Social Media Marketing Most People Overlook

Ok so, there are a lot of parts.

But we'll just focus on one, for example.

And it's not going to be your website!

The website is a very obvious one. I mean, duh, everyone knows you need a website!

But a lot of people don't know, for example, what an offer is.

If you ain't got an offer, then you're not really standing for anything online.

Let's just focus on an offer alone today and I'll talk about other parts later on...

Social Media Marketing 101: Don't Tell Your Followers To Go Help Themselves To Your Fridge!

An offer can be any free OR paid thing that you are OFFERING to your social media followers.

It's anything that LEADS them into your social media marketing sales funnel.

A FREE offer will be anything that you give away in return for your follower's email address.

A PAID offer will have a very clear outline of exactly what it is you do, exactly how much, and exactly what the person is going to get when they buy a thing.

The best analogy that I've heard to explain this (and I can't remember who originally said it, but it's a great analogy!), is that most people set their websites up like a refrigerator.

Imagine you have guests coming over to your house (aka your website) and you say, "Oh, help yourself to the fridge!"

Your guests are probably going to look you and go, "Hmm...," feeling really uncomfortable.

They're not going to go to the fridge and just help themselves.

But if you have a clear offer, it's basically like you take a hot plate of cookies and you hold it up to them and say, "Would you like a cookie?"

The answer to an offer is always going to be a yes or a no.

An offer is very clear that way.

The person is going to know exactly what they're getting for exactly how much money.

They're going to know exactly what all the features and the benefits your thing offers them before they purchase it.

That's a bit of a copywriting talk, but you can see that you need to know what an offer is if you have a website.

And if your website doesn't have clear offers, you're not really selling. 💩

That's just one of the parts you should have in place before you start to focus on your social media marketing.

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