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What is GrooveFunnels and how has it become the fastest-growing funnel builder of recent times?

In this blog post, I will be giving you a complete Groovefunnels review. This review will include an overview of what GrooveFunnels is and who should use it.

I’ll also briefly compare Groovefunnels to its closest competitors to help you decide if this is the right product for you!

Wondering whether Groovefunnels is worth it? This GrooveFunnels review may help you decide!

After spending months searching for sales funnel tools for my own digital products, I finally chose GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels is the fastest-growing funnel-building platform right now. So what is all the hype about? Well, before we venture into what makes GrooveFunnels so attractive, let's define what a sales funnel is.

What is a Sales Funnel and Why is it so Important?

If you are a digital marketer or have an online business, you have most likely heard of sales funnels before. 

A sales funnel is essentially a visual representation of your ideal customer’s journey from learning about your brand all the way to clicking the “buy now” button.

Imagine the shape of a funnel, wider at the top and much narrower towards the end. This visualization demonstrates how your leads start off at a higher number and reduce significantly towards the end. Eventually, only a fraction of leads convert into buyers

In the digital world, a sales funnel turns your website visitors and social media followers into email subscribers. Then it turns email subscribers into customers or clients. It does this by using marketing strategies such as lead magnets, email campaigns, chatbots, webinars, and landing pages.

For instance, blog readers can sign up to become email subscribers, then, through a nurturing email campaign, some email subscribers would join a free webinar that then leads to a sales page where a percentage becomes customers.

sales funnel explained
source: keap.com

As illustrated on the diagram above, the funnel transports the customer to the next step in their buyer’s journey from not knowing about you at all, to becoming aware of you, considering your product and ultimately deciding and taking action to buy from you.

Essentially, a good sales funnel is like having an epic sales team working for you 24/7 for almost free!

Because of this, sales funnels have become an invaluable part of online business. And to make things simple, companies like GrooveFunnels step in and automate the entire process for you!

Complete GrooveFunnels Review

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one funnel-building tool that makes selling digital products and services online easy and effortless.

When I say GrooveFunnels is all-in-one, it really is. Groovefunnels offers a big suite of tools from email marketing and creating an SEO-rich blog to using an integrated digital calendar and hosting evergreen webinars for your products.

Also, GrooveFunnels offers plenty of tutorials and resources to get you going in building your online business, including content marketing strategies and conversion copywriting techniques.

Another exciting feature of GrooveFunnels is that you don't even need a product to sell when you sign up! GrooveFunnels has a great affiliate marketing program where you can earn between 20-40% commission!

What's especially impressive about the affiliate product is that it links you to your referral for life. Therefore, whenever someone is redirected to the website through your affiliate link, the person’s affiliate ID is hardcoded to your ID for life!

Groovefunnel suite of tools

Groovefunnels also offers a decent suite of marketing and collaboration tools. These include planning tools, email scheduling, built-in analytics, and fun lead magnets like quizzes.

Here's an overview of the key products offered by GrooveFunnels:

GroovePage: This tool allows you to build landing pages, websites, and sales funnels.

GrooveSell: This tool makes selling digital products, memberships, and subscriptions and taking payment online easy through a secure payment gateway.

GrooveAffiliate: Earn up to 40% when joining GrooveFunnel's affiliate program.

GrooveMember: This tool provides a CMS for your membership program allowing you to create and manage your membership site easily.

GrooveVideo: Upload and host your videos by using this tool- no third-party sites are required!

GrooveQuiz: Quizzes are a great (and fun!) way to build your email list and receive feedback on your program.

And plenty more! See the full list of tools here!

Who created GrooveFunnels

groovefunnels founders
source: groovefunnels.com

The CEO of GrooveFunnels is Mike Filsaime, an expert in the digital marketing industry, online marketing educator and consultant.

Mike is behind some well-known digital marketing tools in the market, such as WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Kartra, DealGuardian, EvergreenBusinessSystem, PayDotCom, as well as Butterfly Marketing.

How much is GrooveFunnels

The great news is that as GroovesFunnels is running as a beta version, their pricing is very affordable. And right now, GrooveFunnels has a limited offer to join for free!

Start GrooveFunnels for Free

The Basic plan of GrooveFunnels can easily have you covered for your online selling needs. This plan comes with unlimited pages and funnels with all the essential features, all for free!

You will still get access to the 20 tools GrooveFunnels has to offer and can join the affiliate program as well. Overall, the free plan is of incredible value that no other competitor is offering right now!

Upgrade to Lifetime Deal

GrooveFunnels is also currently giving out GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Deal as an affordable one-time payment.

Since GrooveFunnels is currently in beta it has slashed its prices to a one-time offer of only $1397. At this price, you will have full access to all its 17 GrooveApps products as well as bonus templates, transcripts and cheat sheets you can use to quickly launch and grow your business!

This offer is only available for a limited time after the official launch; the GrooveFunnels will go back to monthly subscription pricing of $299.

Who should use GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is the fastest-growing sales funnel tool right now and its growing popularity is not limited to any specific industry.

It is the ideal funnel tool for coaches and consultants launching digital products or membership sites.

Freelancers who are considering selling online courses to scale their business can take advantage of Groovefunnels email, video and webinar tools.

Creative entrepreneurs can also enjoy this tool when selling their products online with integrated payment gateways and tracking systems.

Finally, affiliate marketers and bloggers can take advantage of GrooveFunnels impressive lifetime affilate program!

Most Popular Alternatives to GrooveFunnels

I did a lot of research before choosing GrooveFunnels and there were 3 main alternatives that I found.

These 3 alternatives I looked at are Clickfunnels, Kartra and Kajabi. These 3 options drew my attention as they are probably the most popular ones amongst online coaches and creative entrepreneurs.

At first glance, these alternative tools appear to be very similar to GrooveFunnels but a closer look shows some quite obvious differences. As part of this GrooveFunnels review, I'll share how they compare, in a nutshell:

ClickFunnels vs GrooveFunnels

Possibly the biggest competitor on the market with a long track record of happy customers, ClickFunnels has established itself as THE funnel-building tool to get.

However, ClickFunnels offers limited features as you do not get access to the extensive tools that GrooveFunnels offers. Also, the price point is much higher, with a Platinum Subscription costing $297/ month.

If going with the most established company that has proven results over years is important for you, you might prefer to choose ClickFunnels!

Kartra vs GrooveFunnels

Kartra and GrooveFunnels differ mostly on their user experience. Choosing one of the two really comes down to personal choice, similar to picking an Android phone over an iPhone.

Because of this some people find that Kartra has a steeper learning curve and is not as user-friendly. Also, Kartra does not offer any free subscription, only a 14-days trial a $1 and then a starting price of $99/ month.

One thing to note is that the co-founder of Kartra is also the CEO of GrooveFunnels. So, we don't doubt that they are both amazing products!

Kajabi vs GrooveFunnels

If you are an online coach or course creator, you've probably been recommended many times to pick Kajabi to sell and host your course. That's because Kajabi has been specifically designed to do exactly that!

While Groovefunnels allows you to sell both digital and physical products, Kajabi is designed to sell digital products only. Also, Kajabi does not offer A/B testing, integrated calendars or ticket systems to track complaints - all features that are available on GrooveFunnels.

In terms of interface, Kajabi is very user-friendly and offers a world-class e-learning experience to teachers and students. Kajabi pricing starts at $149/ month.

Get GrooveFunnels while it's still affordable!

Picking a funnel tool can be a tough decision when launching an online business. But GrooveFunnels makes that decision slightly easier with their ridiculously attractive price point and suit of tools they have on offer.

I personally stand by my decision of choosing it as I believe it is the best fully-integrated marketing platform out there right now!

I hope this Groovefunnels review has guided you in making an informed decision for your business.

If you have plans to grow your business far beyond just e-courses and want an all-in-one tool that allows you to build websites, do affiliate marketing, create automated email campaigns, run webinars and much more, I highly recommend going with GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels offers a far better free plan to building websites and selling unlimited products compared to its competitors. And it's special lifetime offer is a no-brainer as well!

Ready to launch your online business? Try GrooveFunnels for free now!

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