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Can You Schedule Instagram Stories? Yep, Here’s How I Do It! ~Hexotica

Are you OVER creating new stories every day on a tiny mobile phone screen with fiddly apps, and feeling like you can never get ahead with your social media??

So was I, until I discovered the tool I'm about to drop-kick into your life like a social media savior!

Because if you're asking, 'can you schedule Instagram stories?' you're ready for this.

It's only the most time-saving, take-my-money-honey social media manager's secret weapon I know of!

Introducing Storrito, a Desktop Story Scheduling Software

Never heard of it? That's because it's not that widely known outside professional social media manager's circles. Truly a secret weapon, IMHO.

And here's why I freakin' LOVE IT: (listed lovingly with burrito emoji's of course!)

🌯 I've been using it for YEARS now (as of 2024!) for all my client Instagram accounts and never had any issues with it. Every few months, accounts will disconnect as they all do for every third-party scheduler when Facebook makes API changes. Storrito notifies me right away and makes it easy for me to lock the connection back in.

🌯 It's super easy to use and there are NO annoying notifications required to push posts through to Instagram like there are on other software schedulers.

🌯 It's INCREDIBLY convenient - I can create and schedule stories entirely ON MY DESKTOP exactly as I can using the Instagram app. I'm a professional social media manager and I almost never use my phone - too fiddly, too slow!

🌯 It REMEMBERS all my stories for me in organized galleries for each account. So I can reuse, recycle, and repurpose the same stories or same-same-but-different with a few quick edits. If your mind isn't already blown with how much time this one feature will save you, leave now! 🀯 You are not worthy of this gift I bring you! (just kidding - I'm just a huge marketing geek here).

🌯 It links up with both Audiocad and Canva so you can easily import ready-made content templates. You can then add polls, hashtags, @mentions, location pins, stickers, GIFS, countdown times, quizzes, and live links to each design.

🌯 You could easily create a 365-day content canon and bulk-schedule it a YEAR ahead - there's no limit to how many stories you want to pre-schedule!

OK, so now that we've cleared my embarrassingly gushy love for Storrito aside, let's walk through just a few of the coolest features.

Can You Schedule Instagram Stories
Storrito's Many Features

Can You Schedule Instagram Stories - That Look Just Like They Do On Instagram?

Yes - you can create stories within Storrito with all the features you have on Instagram - and more. Cool features like:

Custom colors, custom fonts (way more than on IG itself), colored shapes, and text background colors.

Stickers, GIFS, polls, quizzes, emojis, and all the fun stuff.

Location labeling, hashtags, @ mentions, and swipe-up to link inserts (for accounts with 10K+ followers only, of course).

Plus, you can not only add any images of your own but you can dip straight into the Unsplash free stock image bank (no permissions required.)

You can upload VIDEOS and Storrito automatically cuts them into 15-second segments. (Does the thought of doing this from your desktop make you shiver or what?!)

Can You Schedule Instagram Stories? Yep, Here's How To Do It! by Hexotica
Storrito's story creation & editing screen

Can You Schedule Instagram Stories - On Facebook Too?

OMG yes! Simply click a box and Storrito will slide your stories straight onto your Facebook page as well. HOW GOOD IS THAT?

But, if you want to save credits, simply download the stories and upload to Facebook Stories.

Note: this doesn't work for stories with video or GIFS (which count as video) because Facebook thinks you're trying to feed it a video. Another way around THAT is to simply wait till the story is running on your Instagram and manually share it to Facebook.

Can You Schedule Instagram Stories? Yep, Here's How To Do It! by Hexotica
Storrito's single story scheduling screen

Imagine Scheduling Your Stories A YEAR Ahead - It's Possible!

If one of the things you hate about social media is how much effort it takes to stay consistent, Storrito has got you covered.

When you create a masterpiece story, you can quickly and easily re-schedule it. Again and again and again!

So you could schedule the same single pic story or multiple pic story series once every month for a few years into the future.

There are two ways you can schedule: individually or bulk. So if you've created a very long, 10-picture or video story series, you can easily schedule all 10 images or videos with a few clicks. BOOM-SHAKALAKA! πŸ’₯

Remember, Instagram stories only shows up for your current followers, and only a handful of them will even see your story within the 24-hour expiry. So recycling your stories is a killer way to keep your account in that top Story bar where everyone can see it!

And don't worry about people remembering the stories - I can't even remember the stories I've created, let alone someone else's! It's just not likely (except of course with those photogenic memory folks we mere mortals envy!).

Can You Schedule Instagram Stories? Yep, Here's How To Do It! by Hexotica
Storrito's bulk story scheduling screen

Sign-Up To Storrito For Free Now - I'll Help You Get Started With It!

If you'd like to test-drive Storrito for free, click here to sign-up now using this link.

You can try it out with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

And, if you do use my link to subscribe and you need any help using it, you're more than welcome to hit me up with any questions you have in my free Facebook group, Marketing For Creative & Unconventional Women & Gender Diverse.

Or, simply DM me and I'll be happy to help you (no strings attached).

It's my way of saying thanks for signing up with my link! πŸ˜‰

I hope this all sounds awesome to you.

Thanks for reading!

Swan Icon & Cheers from Christine xoxo