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Summer Outfit & Musings in My Reading Chair

It’s been two months now that I’ve been single and living on my own in this two bedroom unit built in the 1980’s, with it’s ugly kitchen tiles and cream-yellow walls, but I adore it immensely because it’s all mine to enjoy, and the light, the quiet, and the creative space  have made me feel calmer, happier, and more focused.

I have this wonderful corner window area in my lounge that looks out onto a mostly private garden with flowering bushes. I have enjoyed spending my weekend mornings here with a cup of coffee and a good book, often turning my chair to face outside. 

3This summer in Melbourne has been fairly kind to us; just a few scorchers over the holidays so far, from which I luckily have air-conditioning to escape. I’m enjoying the weather more than I have in years by cycling to and from work each day, which takes an hour but goes by quickly as I love listening to podcasts. The weight I had gained from driving to work and eating too many takeaway curries over last year is slowly melting off, and I’m starting to feel more confident. Break-ups can do that for you.


This little black playsuit with the lace edging is definitely my favorite outfit this summer. It’s easy to throw on, it’s comfortable, it’s great for hot days, I can cycle in it, and it goes with anything of course. All it needs to be complete is a belt and a few accessories.

1  And I am loving having short, blond hair this summer. I still wear a lot of wigs when I go out, but making such a short do look good is practically effortless; all it takes is five minutes and a curling iron.

Little Details:

faviconI have permission to paint this whole damn house. I am going to start with the ugly tiles and blog about it. (Update: I did it! Find the post about it here.)

faviconI am listening to podcasts by Tim Ferriss. The Alain de Botton one is my favorite podcast ever out of hundreds. Second to that would be the one with Amanda Palmer.

faviconI am reading ‘Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour’ by Dita Von Teese LIVE on Periscope Monday-Thursday evenings at 7 AEDT @hexotica

Join me.

faviconShot on my Nexus 6P using a tripod and a thing called a Shutterball which looks like a sex toy and works like a remote.

faviconOh, and about this outfit: I got it on sale somewhere at a local mall at a very cheap store. Same with the sandals. Jewelry from Lovisa. The belt is vintage.

2019 UPDATE: I stopped posting my outfits on this blog when I became obsessed with digital marketing and decided to start teaching it here, but I am still showing off my outfits on my personal Instagram account: @Christine_of_Hexotica !  🙂









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