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Green Tartan & Black Beanie Goth-Alternative Styled Outfit

Green tartan dress outfit

I bought this green tartan dress before I became a massive fan of ‘Outlander’ recently! If you haven’t seen that Netflix historical-fantasy romance set in 17th century Scotland–you’re missing out on a lot of hot thigh-revealing kilt-clad action and bodice-ripping drama! Get into it; season one is set in Scotland and season two is set in Paris with extraordinary costumes and settings. Anyway, back to my outfit:

green tartan dress outfit

green tartan dress outfitgreen tartan dress outfit

green tartan dress outfit

green tartan dress outfit

I thought I’d geek out in front of my books here as it seems appropriate with the kind of classic ‘school girl’ intellectual look of dark green tartan and a black beanie!

November weather in Melbourne is not very different from November in Atlanta–lots of sunny days with a brisk, cool wind, and a bit of rain, making it the perfect time of year for skirts, dresses, and tights.

Wow, so we are already in November! I can’t say this year has been going quickly for me. It has been a slow and painful year of healing heartbreak, of personal growth, and career re-direction for me. I kicked Hexotica to the backseat and took on social media clients, left employment and became fully self-employed for the very first time after 7 years trying! I sank to some of the lowest depths I’ve ever been in my life, then pieced myself back together again through a daily ritual of self-care and self-compassion. Two incredibly healing spirits came into my life at just the right times; my housemate and my lover; just two amazing people my whole quiet life seems to revolve around now while I build a new business. I also have my close friends but I don’t see them nearly as often as I use to these days…

Everyone I know seems to despise 2016 for its celebrity deaths and political disappointments,  but for me this has been one of the most intensely spiritual years of my life. I am deeply grateful for all the emotional upheavals it has brought to me. I have now hard-wired myself to focus on only the positive outcomes of the things I’d otherwise just regret and that would keep me looking backwards. I can say I love my life again after hating it much of this year! That feels so good to say! 😀

Leave a comment if you read all that and can empathise, or if you are just a big fan of green tartan, kilts and ‘Outlander’! Love that show! (But not all the rapey bits!!)

2019 UPDATE: I stopped posting my outfits on this blog when I became obsessed with digital marketing and decided to start teaching it here, but I am still showing off my outfits on my personal Instagram account: @Christine_of_Hexotica !  🙂

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