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Lipstick Dress & New Boots Outfit

alternative style work outfit

I wear this cute alternative style, office-friendly outfit a lot; it’s one of the few work outfits I really like!  I use to wear it without the belt, but I lost a few kilos since last year so it was starting to feel a bit too baggy without one. (Yay! How good it feels to say I’ve lost weight–I have been having a lot less takeaway since becoming single!!)

alternative style work outfit

Usually, I wear red or purple tights with patent kitten heels, but since it has been raining a lot lately, I wear it with thick black tights and these new boots. I think breaking up the leg line with color between the hem and boots would make my legs look shorter…?


The dress is from Dangerfield and the hat and boots were found at a thrift shop. The boots were a major score because they were completely brand new, entirely leather, and fit me perfectly. They even have leather on the inside, in a pretty lavender color! I have been wearing them everywhere with the hat, which make a perfect wet spring combination. I’m growing my hair out so I’m curling it everyday, and in the rain it all just goes flat so quickly, so whenever it rains, I wear a hat. This is my new favorite one, the other one is a standard black wool beanie.


Spring brought gorgeous hot pink plum and pale pink cherry blossoms all along the streets of my neighborhood. It’s so pretty, I’ve even seen cars stop so drivers can snap photos or cut off a few low hanging branches. I had quite a lot of cut branches around my house during the week or two they were in bloom!

spring plum tree blossoms

Other than this outfit, which I already posted on my personal Instagram account weeks ago, I haven’t been creating any new, blog-worthy outfits because I have been working from home again! I am transitioning to becoming a freelance social media manager and consultant, in addition to running Hexotica and another jewelry and home decor business I haven’t yet named! All will be revealed in time. Until then, I have been  mainly working on setting up my social media service business. My goal is to move toward a more location-independent self-employment, which will allow me to  live and work from anywhere in the world. I am already halfway there!

Little Details:

faviconI have been reading Pulitzer Prize winners borrowed from a friend, and of all of them so far, ‘The Poisonwood Bible‘ by Barbara Kingsolver blew me away.

favicon Always a podcast listener, especially while crafting, one I listen to a lot now is Zero to Travel, which is all about to how to travel the world on your own terms!

faviconI finally watched all of the dark, decadent, homo-erotic, visual feast which is the Hannibal tv series. Mads Mikkelsen outshines the original by leagues! 

2019 UPDATE: I stopped posting my outfits on this blog when I became obsessed with digital marketing and decided to start teaching it here, but I am still showing off my outfits on my personal Instagram account: @Christine_of_Hexotica !  🙂



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