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Goth Boho Fringed Green Kimono Top

Christine of Hexotica

I call this outfit ‘goth-boho’, which is pretty much what my style is becoming now that I work from home and practically live in comfortable, soft knit clothes without a lot of embellishment!

I often wear black leggings and a long knit top, tunic, or dress and no bra.

So this outfit is one that I threw together to make an errand run or when I’m just heading over to my boyfriend’s house.

It’s comfortable knit work clothes instantly made pretty with this beautiful green fringed kimono I found at a thrift shop and a vintage rhinestone buckle belt.

Alternative Blogger Christine of Hexotica

I’m looking forward to wearing this shawl-like kimono with shorts and a tank top when the warmer weather hits; it’s great to have something airy and light on to keep any sun tanning from happening!

I’m religious about keeping the Australian sun off my skin as much as possible because it only take about 5 seconds to get red here–we have no ozone protection so the sun is mega-strong.

I have a parasol collection by my front door and I always carry a folding umbrella and sunscreen in my purse in the summer. These are survival tools for a goth in Australia!

Next year I’m putting 90% of my clothes into storage when I become a nomad, so my ‘work clothes’ are going to have to get a whole lot more stylish because I don’t plan to carry much. I hate having clothes that are too ugly to wear even to a local grocery store! I don’t even mind wearing workout clothes as much as my work clothes when I have to run errands; at least they say, “I work out”.  My home clothes look like they say, “Sits on the couch eating potato chips all day.” Hahaha.

I’ve been looking at clothes my boyfriend jokingly calls ‘hippie fairy dream girl’ clothes that look like they will be comfortable enough for both home and festivals. Things in colorful, soft knits with ruffles and maybe bits of lace.

I’ve always loved the look of gothy festival chicks in dark colors like plum, purple, and dark red, so that’s kind of where my style is heading. I made a Pinterest board (as you do) so check it out to see what I mean.  A lot of the designs I’ve collected so far are not practical for working at home, but the ones that are will mix well with basic knit tops and long cardis, which is what I like.

It makes sense that when your lifestyle has drastically changed, so too, should your everyday style. My home clothes have never been stylish, so this is a big change for me!

2019 UPDATE: I stopped posting my outfits on this blog when I became obsessed with digital marketing and decided to start teaching it here, but I am still showing off my outfits on my personal Instagram account: @Christine_of_Hexotica !  🙂

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