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Blue Sparkly Jacket White Night Outfit

White Night, Melbourne

White Night is an amazing festival in Melbourne, a night of colorful laser projectors that light up building facades and interactive art installations.

I always try to get out and enjoy it, usually starting late at night after the crowds disperse. I stay out till sunrise. It’s magical.

This year I wore a fabulous jacket I found at an op-shop which features blue sequin sleeves.

I wore it with a blue velvet dress and ‘pigskin’ tie I’ve had for years, a black tiara, leggings and comfortable knee-boots.

Though it’s still summer here in Melbourne, our evenings are rarely warm.

Alternative fashion blogger Christine of Hexotica

Alternative fashion blogger Christine of HexoticaAlternative fashion blogger Christine of Hexotica

Alternative fashion blogger Christine of Hexotica

My hair is finally reaching my shoulders again, but is still in an awkward growing-out stage, so I’ve only been cutting my fringe lately.

I also wore some diamante lashes, though they are hard to see here!

In the background you can see my new partner working–he is the reason I haven’t posted in a long while!

He, and all the work I have been getting as a social media manager. But I am finally getting on top of it all and working ahead of schedule, so hopefully I can get back to blogging a bit more often. 🙂

Here are a few photos from White Night:

White Night, Melbourne

White Night, Melbourne


2019 UPDATE: I stopped posting my outfits on this blog when I became obsessed with digital marketing and decided to start teaching it here, but I am still showing off my outfits on my personal Instagram account: @Christine_of_Hexotica !  🙂


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