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A Gothic Black and White Striped Outfit & How to Take a Mirror Selfie

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It’s real easy: you just get the Best Me Selfie app and you take a picture using the camera in the app. It even has a timer so you can set your phone on a tripod and pose away.  Choose a filter and use the mirror as well; then you get this!  I had so much fun using this app for the first time, and because I was wearing a striped top–even more fun, because I could make myself into a SIAMESE TWIN two-headed girl! Awesome!

How to make a mirror selfie

Ok, yea, the app places a small watermark on your photo, but that is easy to crop out if you want.

How to make a mirror imageGothic blogger Christine of Hexotica

Using the Best Me Selfie app filter ‘Endless’ without the mirror option I got this. Pretty cool!

Gothic fashion blogger Christine of Hexotica

Aaaaand this is me without a fancy app. Not near as fun! Too normal! I miss my sister head!

Gothic fashion blogger Christine of Hexotica

So this is the whole outfit: striped top off Ebay, skirt passed down from a friend, vintage belt, Converse sneakers. Taken in my lounge.

Gothic fashion blogger Christine of Hexotica

Different shoes, different spot: in my foyer, red heels instead of Converse. I went with the Converse in the end because I always have to do so much walking in Melbourne; it’s better to be comfortable than to look good sometimes! (Sometimes!)

Gothic fashion blogger Christine of Hexotica

Last one: happy pose in my foyer. About to hit Melbourne for some Japanese!

Other options in the Best Me Selfie app:

photo ratio / multiple filters / a timer (!) / collage layout

The app is also FREE so go try it if you are on an Android phone.

I use a Nexus 6P for all my photos, and while the ISO is not as low as I’d like, (ISO is the light sensitivity of a camera; low ISO means less grainy photos) it sure makes taking photos a lot easier and handy when you are in a hurry–which I always am!

One last hint: if you have a Google account you can have all your camera photos automatically upload into the Google Photos cloud straight after you snap them. This was a game changer when I started using it, as I am always taking photos for work on my phone. Install Google drive onto your PC and you will always have all your camera snaps right there, waiting for you to edit and organize, without ever having to upload or email anything. Super handy! I believe you can also set this up the same way with Dropbox as well. Oh, how much do we love the CLOUD?! I so love the happy little cloud!

What phone apps do you use to take cool photos? Share it in a comment!

2019 UPDATE: I stopped posting my outfits on this blog when I became obsessed with digital marketing and decided to start teaching it here, but I am still showing off my outfits on my personal Instagram account: @Christine_of_Hexotica !  🙂




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