The Secret to a Beautiful Home is in the Details: 3 Small DIY Projects

Another title for this post could be: “What a little spray paint can do!” Here are three small spray-paint projects I did over the weekend to create lovely little corners of aesthetic perfection around the house.
I’ve had these three small lotus-shaped tapered candle holders for years and always loved them, but since I began painting most of my furniture gloss black, I found they would just get lost on the table tops. My lounge is red, white, and black, mostly, so I thought I should paint them red to match…

DIY gothic decorating 2

Another decorative thing I have had stored away for a spray-painting day was this white earring board I purchased for $2 on clearance. It looks fine white, but my bedroom is only hot pink, gray, black, and all shades of purple, and I wanted to be able to display it on my dresser. Also, I am sure the white would become grubby in a matter of time. So, I painted it black…

DIY gothic burlesque decorating 3

DIY gothic burlesque decorating 7

Lastly, I had this wonderful baroque candle or pen holder, which was a plain white. I wanted a little more purple on my computer desk, so I painted it purple…

DIY gothic burlesque decorating 3DIY gothic burlesque decorating 4To be honest, I wasn’t very pleased with the result of this last one, because the color doesn’t stand out enough against the black. I think I’ll be re-painting it a brighter shade of purple; perhaps a violet or hot pink if I can find it. The can said ‘violet’. It lied! This is more like plum.

Spray-painting is the easiest way to personalize a home to specifically match the style you’re after. It can make the ugliest op-shop items turn into beautiful center-pieces.

At the moment, my house is still pretty ugly because I just moved in three weeks ago, so I’m focusing on the smaller details to make it pretty. I’ve got creamy yellow walls, 70’s tiles, bare windows, and nothing hung on the walls yet, but what I do have is permission to paint, oh yea, so in time I’ll get to brightening everything up with paint, ugly tiles and all! And with everything I do to my home, I’ll be sharing it all here.

Now, does anyone do Periscope? I’ve started recording all my DIY projects with little behind-the-scenes before and after, two-part scopes. There’s also the bit of mindless rambling that happens there, but I just love how easy it is to meet and interact with people from around the world. Find me there to catch the next DIY project and other broadcasts @hexotica, and leave a comment to tell me what your Periscope name is so I can connect with you!



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