DIY Burlesque Glitter High Heeled Shoes Tutorial

Have you got an old pair of heels that are either a bit boring or have been a bit banged up? Before you toss them out, have a go at transforming them into something new with just a few craft supplies and about an hour of time with this complete tutorial!

These black pumps were given to me by a friend but I have never worn them because they were a size too big for me, so they were a great pair to experiment upon with a bit of glitter and bling. I decided to turn them into a glamorous pair of burlesque-inspired pin-up heels!


  • Sandpaper
  • Modge Podge – a type of craft glue used in decoupage and sold at most major craft stores
  • Glitter – fine works best
  • Paint brush
  • Mixing dish
  • Your choice of embellishments: sequins, ribbon, lace, and bling! 



  1. Sand the areas that you would like to coat in glitter. I quite liked the black patent on these shoes, so I chose to only glitter-paint the wooden-looking bits. Sanding helps the glue to adhere to smooth surfaces.


2. Pour some Modge Podge into the mixing dish and pour an amount of glitter directly into it to that roughly works out to be a teaspoon of glitter to every tablespoon of Modge Podge.


3. Thoroughly paint the areas of the shoe you have sanded.


4. Wait at least 20 minutes then give the shoe another coat of paint. Wait another 20 minutes and apply a third coat.  I chose to bling up the soles of these heels as well!


5. Once the paint is completely dry, embellish with bows, sequins, or bling. I took this pair to my craft desk and pulled out a variety of sequins and rhinestone bits. I chose to sew little bows for the peep toe part and the back heels. Use E-6000 if you choose to glue sequins to your shoes; this is a jeweler’s glue that can be purchased online. It drys clearly and quickly.


…And here’s the finished project!

DIYburlesqueshoes11 DIYburlesqueshoes4

DIYburlesqueshoes1DIYburlesqueshoes14This was such a fun and easy project and the results look amazing! Glitter painting is a great way to fix scuffed heels and toes, or to just transform a pair of dull shoes in a great pair of colored ones. I have already lined up another pair to paint in a different color.

If you would like to purchase this pair of burlesque-inspired shoes, contact me at and make me an offer! Otherwise, I will be listing them in Hexotica’s eBay store ! Check back here for the updated direct link. They are a size 9 Australian and are by the quality brand Zu.

Would you like to see me transform another pair in the future?

I’m open to suggestions! Let me know if you enjoyed this post!



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