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Gothic Burlesque Peacock Feather Headdress ‘Mayura’

‘Mayura’ means ‘peacock’ in Sanskirt, and is a common girl’s name in India, and I made it the name of my first peacock feather headdress:
Peacock Feather Headress Green

Peacock feathers are some of the most fascinating to me as they have such a lavish color and pattern, so I made an ornate kokoshnik-styled base matching the beautiful array of moss and sea-greens, turquoise and sea-blues, and hints of dark gold in beads and sequins.

Peacock Feather Headdress Beads

This headdress features glass bugle bead falls down either side to nicely balance out it’s height. It’s available in my web-store here.

I’m creating a headdress a week at the moment, and thanks to having a permanent photography studio set up on my garage, am able to get them listed faster than ever before!

Check back here or in the store for my latest headdress listing every Sunday!




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