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Gold and Black Egyptian Tiara Style Headdress, ‘Sina’

Gold and Black Egyptian Tiara Style Headdress

Fit for an Egyptian queen and named after an Australian burlesque queen, the ‘Sina’ headdress was a first for meĀ in using gold-toned jewels and embellishments paired with a black lace on a matte gold satin base. It is a tiara-style headdress on a wide headband base that has been reinforced with a metal hair comb slide for an extra secure fit for moderate movement.

Gold and Black Egyptian Tiara Style Headdress

It features red, gold, cream, and pearl sequins and jewels with a large, stunning gold disk centre and gold chandelier side jewels. The finish is absolutely flawless, if I do say so myself! I was extremely pleased with how this one developed; it almost seemed to design itself, as some headdresses feel like they do!

I am listing it now in time for Halloween in case there may be an Egyptian queen out there in need of a crown. I would love for this piece to find a royal home for a royal lady or drag queen!

‘Sina’ is available now in Hexotica’s web-store. It comes with is own beautiful keepsake box for safe storage.




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