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Red Flower Crown, Black Gothic Tiara, ‘Gabrielle’

Black Tiara Red Flower Crown 'Gabrielle' by Hexotica

‘Gabrielle’ is the first red flower crown-style headdress I have ever made, and it turned out absolutely stunning and perfectly finished; it will be a true treasure for a lovely buyer!

I had wanted to make a flower crown for a while, but not just the usual ring of pretty flowers–something different, unique, and a bit more gothic. Combining a tiara front with a ring of red flowers and adding the chain detail made it much more interesting and exotic; exactly what I sought to make. The result is a headdress fit for a gothic bride, fairy, or a lovely witch!

Black Tiara Red Flower Crown 'Gabrielle' by Hexotica

It has a stunning tiara front made with a black sequin applique on black satin, embellished with a glossy-black, resin-coated filigree casting, finished with tiny crystals and a large center sequin. Two black flower buds adorn the sides, followed by a full ring of dark red and black flowers on a sturdy, 3 cm wide base. A beautiful cascade of two types of chains and Czech crystal beads complete this gorgeous piece.

It is made to either sit atop the head, or can be pulled down over the forehead for a more exotic look. The sides of the crown are thin enough to be secured to the head with hair pins if needed.

I had to dust off the pretty dummy head I affectionately call ‘Mimi’ to model ‘Gabrielle’, as it was too wide to fit my other dummy heads.  I wish I could always use Mimi, but her head is too wide for most of my headdresses!

Black Tiara Red Flower Crown 'Gabrielle' by Hexotica

‘Gabrielle’ would suit a gothic bride or dark, red and black-themed, exotic costume ensemble.

It is a one-of-kind design I handmade here in Melbourne, Australia.

Custom requests for something similar are welcomed.

This red flower crown is available here in Hexotica’s shop.



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