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Art Deco Black & Silver Burlesque Costume Headdress ‘Alexandra’

An Art Deco Inspired Black & Silver Burlesque Headdress by Hexotica

Fit for Russian royalty, ‘Alexandra’ is an Art Deco-inspired burlesque costume headdress made with black lace and rhinestones on black velvet.

I used upcycled jewels and a mixture of rhinestones, acrylic, and glass seed beads to create an exotic, symmetrical design with a lot of sparkle and old-fashioned glam.

burlesque_rhinestone_headdress_tiara_alexandraNormally, I back the lace I use with Duchess satin, but I wanted this one to be entirely black behind the mirrored sequins, and black velvet made an excellent contrast to the less opaque black of the lace. The effect is extra glam and luxurious.

I finished the back in black velvet as well, with a few lace appliques to add interest.

I make brief videos about each headdress I create for my Facebook page, so if you like to see or hear more about this and other creations, follow my page on Facebook here. 

‘Alexandra’ is available now in my Etsy shop.

Like most of my headdresses, it is a one-of-the-kind and there will never be another one exactly like it! 🙂



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