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Alternative & Rock Chick Style Laser Cut Star Earrings Now Available

Laser Cut Purple Star and Spike Drop Earrings

Those of you us to seeing all my textile-based handicrafts might be thinking, “These are not like the other things!” So here’s the story behind this new line of accessories I’ve been making lately:

Before I became a freelance social media manager, I worked at a laser cutting manufacturer designing coasters, jewelry, and decor while running e-commerce shops and managing all the social media accounts for the company’s three businesses.

In between the coasters and other things, I cut out tons of shapes I knew I could later use to make and sell alternative and rock chick style laser cut earrings!

I ended up with literally BUCKETS and BUCKETS of jewelry pieces!

All of these I was allowed to keep and use however I wanted, because my boss was awesome like that.

So, here is the very first line of STAR earrings that I’ve now listed in Hexotica’s shops:

Hot Pink Shooting Star Laser Cut Earring

Hot Pink Shooting Star Earrings – Also available in other colors!

Available on Ebay here   and on Etsy here. 

Neon Peach Orange Star and Spike Drop EarringsDouble Star Earrings with Spike Drops – These are the neon-peach-orange acrylic color, but I also have them in purple.

Available on Ebay here and on Etsy here.

Hot Pink Star With Chain Drop Laser Cut Alternative Rock Chick EarringsStar Earrings with Black Chain Drops – This style is only available in hot pink acrylic or in wood.

Available on Ebay here and on Etsy here.

At the time of writing, most of these styles are $9.49 AU and ship for FREE internationally!

These are the hottest colors so far, but I can also make them with wood stars, in neon colors, and in transparent acrylic shades, depending upon what I’ve got in stock.

I’ll be listing new products every Wednesday from now until January 2018, when I will be closing up shops to go full nomad (that’s the plan now, anyway, things could always change!)